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  1. Just reinstalled game after half a year or even more. Brand new system. 12900k/4080/32Gb DDR5 Ram & game installed on brand new Samsung Gen 4 980 Pro. Stuttering is all over the place, and happens randomly. Be it while in combat, or just while using mouse and changing camera angles. I had same stuttering again before a year with my old pc with 2070s+10900k. It's me? I don't think so. Friend of mine with Ryzen 7800 xd3+6900 xt, just bought the game 2 days ago. Guess what: EXACT same stuttering issues. And it's happening not only in coop, but in both of us even while offline. My mate alrdy refunded it at least (Steam). What can i do? I'm playing everything else (2077/RDR2, etc) in my native resolution (3840x1600) JUST FINE and maxed out, expect 7DTD. So, either i'm forced to play it Minecraft style with 1024x768 resolution and everything in low, and/or keep waiting another 10 years and buying RTX 10090 Ti, to have an actual decent performance? Fix your game TFP, please.
  2. Hey folks. Is here any strong experienced modder, that can create a modlet that MUTES every birds (expect crows) in game? I'm really sick of hearing them everywhere, and it really breaks immersion. I mean, what the hell? I'm on a basement, or cave, and i can still hearing birds? I know, solution is to turn Ambient Sounds to 0, but then i lost every other ambience audio. Also, Footsteps (too Loud and weird?). Walking/Running in asphalt, sounds like i'm walking upon wooden surfaces. And again, breaks all the fun to be able to hear Undeads coming from 200mt away, due to footsteps loudness. So, if anyone could make such a godlike mod, (or at least Birds muting) i would grateful in eternity. Cheers and thanks in advance.
  3. So,i have just one question: Why devs keep ignoring an entire player base that asking for a normal hands/weapon (viewmodel) field of view, like every other games using? I re-installing 7dtd again and again with every updates to check if finally we have an option to increase the horrible fov, yet nothing, again. You really can't add such feature? Or you just don't want to?
  4. Sorry for late response. I didn't crafted anything at all. Just every time i opened my storage container, console started the infinite errors and i was unable to move/close console/game. Alt+F4 only. Tried a mod to remove crosshairs, but i don't think that was the cause of console error. Aiming with bow and everything related, game was fine. Just as soon as i opened my storage container, game started to act in weird manners. But as i said, even after un-installed/re-installed, went through integrity verifications, again same problem with personal S.Containers. Now started a new game, and problem went away. Out of topic point,but , performance is really impressive now, and has nothing to do with older versions. Last time i played was back in 2019, and i refunded the game after 30mins due to really horrible optimization. At the moment, everything runs superb (1440p) without a single hiccups/stutterings, etc, at my 6h of game time. Thanks to steam reviews that made me bought it again. PS: If any of the devs etc looking into that thread, please give us option to hide the X style crosshair.It asked from a lot of people since years,and it really hurts the immersion in a great game. Thanks in advance.
  5. I just bought the game today, and got same error, everytime i opened my storage container. Console spamming errors and i can't move/close panels,or exit game. Only via Alt-F4. Tried verification of steam files, same again. Here's the log error: https://pastebin.com/f1d2z6P2 Any clue what is about? Game in unplayable atm, since as soon as i go to open storage, kaput. Thanks in advance. Edit: Deleted/reinstalled, verified again. Loaded saved game, again the same. Started new game, no issues at all so far. Perhaps save file gets corrupted somehow?
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