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  1. On 5/24/2021 at 2:35 PM, Roland said:


    As you say, everyone knows about traditional conventions when it comes to enemies but this isn't to say that a high damaging enemy must move slow and that a low damaging enemy must move quickly. Demolishers don't follow the expected conventions but that doesn't mean they are improperly implemented. It just means that TFP didn't want to follow the same tropes. Kind of like their definition of zombie doesn't follow conventional doctrine.


    If Demolishers were slow and lumbering then, I agree, most any base design would work so many more base designs would be possible but...that's because your one strategy would be to snipe them before they ever reached you. It would be THE strategy and a much easier threat than they are.

    dont you ever dare think about adding resident evil style zombies 😛

  2. 1 minute ago, Roland said:

    Our characters can do pretty much everything at a rudimentary level without having to spend any points so I would want building to be the same. Maybe gate anything above wood with a skill. The trailer for the game shows the guy defending on the first horde night from a wooden hut but in the game most people are building from materials that are beyond the ability of that first blood moon horde to even be in danger of breaching. So I wouldn't want to have to spend a point to be able to do any building but I'd try a mod that used some sort of building skill tree to delay the better blocks a bit longer.

    bad idea roland i tried that when i first started and suffice to say it didnt go well i ended up dying 8 times and my wood house base was turned into kindling

  3. On 5/24/2021 at 9:09 PM, Roland said:

    Personally, I can't comprehend why anyone would want to play on a save that reaches into the thousands of days. I start over once I get bored. I get bored once I no longer feel any risk.


    So I guess I don't know what they are doing. Are there a lot of these 1000+ day servers?

    there is one guy i know did it quite a bit goes by Skippy0330

    On 5/24/2021 at 11:46 PM, Jost Amman said:

    Yeah, @OP, there must be something weird happening on your computer.


    Do you have Windows 10 by any chance? There are sometimes issues associated with the native screen recording software on Win10.

    Also, I'd have a look that your AV software doesn't interfere with the game in any way.

    i doubt its windows 10 as i have windows 10 and have none of the issues OP mentioned what so ever

    On 5/25/2021 at 3:29 AM, Darklegend222 said:

    I can't either. I'll see no animals for 6 Days, then I'll exit game and come back, instantly 6 bears, 13 dire wolves, so many zombies, and around 9 cougars in the snow biome alone with more bears.


    A few people have had the same issue according to one of the mods on a post i made a while ago about this exact issue so I'm not sure what's causing it either.

    I do have windows 10, and i don't use any form of AV software.  One of the mods said that a few people have the exact same issue of the game becoming nearly unplayable at day 30ish. To which i was told it was inaccurate and others have shown days up near 1700 and claim to have no issues. So either they're lying or they've done something in particular to make it run perfectly.

    View that thread, they are on day 4000 and claim to have 0 issues and say that "there is a form stickied with solutions" which is nothing more than explaining how the game works and ways to repair a save, not any way to actually prevent the issues from happening. So either they're lying or they're repairing the save every single time a day goes by in game

    sounds like it could be a server side issue. Are you using blue fangs for your server

  4. On 5/14/2021 at 5:53 AM, Maharin said:

    Zombies are just the next step in evolution.  Zombies will look back on this transition and wonder how they ever survived as humans.

    i think roland and madmole had something to do with it because they got tired of people asking about A20 XD

  5. On 5/19/2021 at 7:13 AM, bachgaman said:


    Lack of all character leveling games. Developers could do game design to solve at least such obvious problems, but for the last year they have been creating a flying robot and twitch integration for ten streamers from twitch

    You must be joking because the trader's rewards are now so valuable that they completely break the game (200 bullets or 20 grenades for 1st level quests, the best top tier items for higher quests). Also a huge amount of money and experience

    true but i feel the quest could have a lot more variety so that way the likelihood of seeing repeat rewards is slim as it sits i either get ammo med kits or iron and steel tools which are useless as i have an auger and chainsaw in both playthroughs im doing and you can only use 4k shotgun shells so fast

  6. 1 hour ago, myrkana said:

    We usually set it to walk during the day and night. Run feral and run on horde night. We do default difficulty. 


    Either 1 or 2 hour days. Depends on the run and what we want to do.


    We turn the horde night to like 16 at first and once we get set up and wanna test stuff we jack it up as high as it will go, we both have computers that can handle it. 


    we have loot respawn every 5 or so days and turn off the planes. The planes just get annoying and never seem to have anything useful past the first few days. Drop nothing upon death.


    Turn the xp range to max and we make the landclaim blocks 40blocks, think that is the max? 


    The other settings we change as what we want to do that game changes. We once played a like x5 xp game and it was crazy lol

    im pretty much the same after about the first week in game i turn off air drops as they become pretty much useless at that point

  7. 10 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    I looked through the console menu. Only one screamer spawned. 😛


    Try mining iron with a pickaxe or an auger and report back to me.

    i do mine with an auger and honestly screamers are nowhere enar the treat they used to be

    8 hours ago, Adam the Waster said:

    i would tell you if i did. but i didn't im way too Lazy for that XD

    Trying mining with Dynamite THEN YOU come back to me! 

    it depends on how @%$#ed off you made them

    camp fire, maybe a normal zombie horde, Bomb mining? Bloodmoon horde !

    Personally! i wish they could spawn on bloodmoons and SUPER rarely out in the open or in POIs

    that would be cool! 

    auger mining and unless its extremely late game their not a danger at all really

  8. 2 minutes ago, Almond Milk said:

    Sadly it doesn't! I did some fiddling with the idea of a rocket or mortar turret, to make a long story short: it doesn't work :(

    probably for the better as once i had an ammo expansion mod and it had the M.O.A.B in it suffice to say i had to delete my world the enxt day XD

  9. 1 hour ago, KhaineGB said:

    The no radiation thing is actually a TFP bug. If PvP is off, the radiation doesn't work.

    Nav has all the DF required POI's because I manually added them.

    khaine you are falling at making spartan and his crews lives miserable in game they survived the last horde completely intact. The DF gods demand a blood sacrifice every horde night spartan does ;D

  10. On 5/4/2021 at 9:04 PM, Almond Milk said:

    Almond's Turrets Expanded (A19)

    3 Versions available


    Hi all! This took much longer to get out than it should have, but I finally have an expanded turrets modlet ready to share.

    Please report any issues you have, and I'll answer what I can to the best of my ability. Any criticism is also greatly appreciated.




    With traders as well as industry, it's been easy to accumulate more ammo than I could do with. This modlet's aim was to provide specialized variations of the base auto turret from other firearms in the game, intending to eat excess ammo and add variation. All versions add in 4 variants of the auto turrets in the game, as well as a specialized Turret Workbench to prevent the turrets from cluttering crafting lists.


    These turrets have slightly more expensive crafting recipes, as well as differing stats and power consumption. 




    • Schematics added to the same loot list as the standard turrets.
    • Steel Turrets are learned from the regular schematic.
    • Icons that show what ammo the turret uses (Unless in XML Only Version)

    Advanced Engineering (4)

    • Sniper Auto Turret: Using 7.62 rounds, the Sniper Auto Turret intended to add high single shot damage. It moves, fires, and reloads slower, but has the highest damage of any of the turrets with the largest range of motion.
    • Turret Workbench: A specialized Workstation to build your turrets, it builds turrets and nothing else.

    Advanced Engineering (5)

    • Heavy Shotgun Turret: Standard Shotgun shells, shorter range than the traditional version, but fires at a much faster rate to clear dense hordes.
    • Heavy Auto Turret: 44 Magnum round, slightly slower than the SMG Auto Turret. Higher damage with a slightly higher range of motion and slower fire rate.
    • M60 Auto Turret: Taking 7.62, the M60 Auto Turret has a shorter effective range than the SMG Auto Turret, but has a greatly increased rate of fire. With higher damage and a much wider bullet bloom, the M60 Auto Turret is better for defending corridors and densely packed hordes.

    Steel Version:

    • Turrets compatible with KhaineGB's Steel Ammo modlet found here.
    • Steel Auto Turrets, versions of the new turrets (and standard) but with minor performance downgrades and steel ammo compatibility.
    • Steel Auto Turret tab in the Turret Workbench
    • Reversibility: Have too many brass cased auto turrets? Swap them to steel mode in the workbench at no cost! If you want to reverse the decision, simply put it in the workbench with a few replacement parts and it's ready to go.

    (Turret Icons)


    Version Downloads:

    XML Only: 

    Adds all standard additions besides steel turrets by pure XML and color codes the turret version icons.

    These *should* be server compatible, but I cannot test that.


    Download the XML Only version here.


    Base Version:

    All additions besides steel turrets.


    Download the Base version here.


    Steel Ammo version:

    Adds all additions as well as the steel turrets.


    Download the Steel Ammo version here.



    --You may find the damage done to be excessive, turrets too slow, etc. If enough people believe it needs to be change, I will adjust the stats. Otherwise, I'll be making a file that explains how the turrets work for those who want to change things themselves.

    --Having multiple auto turrets in close proximity may be the cause to multiple models visually disappearing, this happened without the mod and I'm not sure how to fix it.

    Almond does the turret come with an avaiable option for nuke ammo :)

  11. 2 hours ago, ElCabong said:

    Mine is, there's always something you find on the first day that you find again and again and again. This time it is corn seed schematics.  I think I've found 10 by day four. You only use it once though. Last game it was blueberry seed, that was fairly useful, but after you plant all the blueberries you want... The game before it was flashlights. It's rarely all that useful and kind of annoying.

    my biggest pet peeve for the game is the god damn repetive quest rewards only thing that makes the quests worthwhile is the XP resources and food you get from doing the quest itself

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  12. 4 hours ago, Axonius said:


    Same here. I was using 120 minutes. Too much damn loot management.


    Down to 60 minutes which is the right balance for me right now. I'm on default difficulty, but I'm also using the DF mod. Day/Jog. Night/Run. horde night/sprint.  I think I'm on 8 for horde size. 


    I could afford more difficulty, but I like to screw off and take risks too much.



    when first starting out i stay on default diff and only have it so the ferals can run as it doesnt make sense the regular zombies are running during the night and then at the crack of dawn they stop running horde night warning i have set for evening and i have horde size set anywhere from 4-8 as my PC cant handle more

  13. On 4/10/2021 at 10:24 AM, Maharin said:


    Unfortunately, there are just as many complaints that people can't find everything they want in the first week.  The solution is mods, not a million game options.


    What makes one person very happy will likely make another rage quit.  Thus is life.

    a playthrough ends maha when me and you can survive an extremely llate game BM horde in and underground horde base with full demos and feral irradiateds :)

  14. On 4/3/2021 at 1:05 PM, freakyparsley said:

    Hi all , I'm fairly new to the game and have only been playing a couple of months , I've got to day 250 , have opened all the map and cleared all the main cities , there are only a few small poi that I haven't done yet . I was wondering when to call it a day and start I new  playthrough . What do you guy do and have you any advice to give me ? Thanks.


    realistically a playthrough ends when you decide you are done with your current world some will say it ends by day 35ish some like skippy0330 played to day 700

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  15. 43 minutes ago, ShellHead said:

    I know i keep doing these but I can’t play the game just yet and these are things that jump out at me, hope i’m not annoying you all. Disclaimer over, now to the meat: what do you think about bleeding wounds? Both from the deep cuts AGI perk and the serrated blade and barbed wire club head mods. As far as i know the number is 0.9 DPS per stack (max 1 without the perk, 7 with) for 20 seconds, reapplying on further hits. Is this actually useful? The perk is obviously useful given its other effects but the bleed by itself seems a touch underwhelming especially when from the weapon mods but i can’t test it to see.

    from a pesonal stand point and logical stand point bleeding wounds should only wok on other players it shouldnt work on zombies at all as they are already dead so they cant technically bleed

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