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  1. I figured it out - I hadn't made a procedural map, was just playing a territory -.-
  2. I did make a procedural map, maybe I have just been very unlucky. For some reason the map preview doesn't work either
  3. I cannot find the plains biome anywhere. Is it JUST grass? Or is this grassy wasteleand biome with iron scrap everywhere the plains biome? Edit: also, is eating the same food less effective over time or am I just tripping?
  4. The file name says 5.5.2 but after install the game is 5.5.3
  5. Dogs drop generic animal hide, use your stone/bone knife on one.
  6. Thank you. This mod is so ♥♥♥♥ing good. I'm mining and finding fossils, finding body parts in funeral homes... the sense of wonder and anticipation for the science content to come is amazing. I've been playing this game for 5 years but it feels like the first time.
  7. Could someone please explain the seasons in more detail - I already tried searching the thread. It has been Winter the entire time I have been on my server, it has been a frustrating nightmare of constantly being cold and wet with no alligators to kill for a raincoat. I finally figured out a +81 temperature buff of armour that reduced some of the annoyance. The month has finally ticked over to July, and instantly the weather is different. There is no more snow on the ground so I can actually see bird nests and aloe, and I have seen 2 boars already! However I seem to be getting extreme spikes of heat and cold, is it Spring now? Will I finally be able to plant crops and fruit trees and maybe start an animal pen?
  8. How the hell do I connect to my own dedicated server? Is there an internal port number or something?
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