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  1. At the screen launch, in the up right corner there is written the version of 7DTD and the version of UL.
  2. Just to help (?), on the main page it's still written "download for A 19.2" 😉
  3. At the beginning, i didn't like very much the mini game for the lockpicking... Now that i spent time to well understand it, i master it and i love very much! 👍🙂
  4. Thank you for this new update, i personally particulary appreciate 1: the "more zombies", 2: the "stack locking in inventory" (even i still didn't succed to do it at this moment! lol!) and 3: the "required material/ingredient highlightning". 👌 EDIT: now the locking in inventory works perfectly! 🙂
  5. A suggestion: for an experience more immersive in the apocalypse world where we are in this world with zombies and... traders... no other people... (really? strange, no? 😯 ) Why not integrate an OPTION where we could choose a game with "NO traders"? Only us and the zombies... ^^ (I saw many people who play/want to play like that, maybe this could be a way to make them come to UL, if the option was integrate in the mod? 😇 )
  6. Subquake! Subquake! Subquake! 😁👌
  7. Hi, since the last update (i think) of UL, in "settings", "undead legacy", i only have 2 options left ("recipe filters" and "car respawn time"), there had more, before...is it normal and new or i done something wrong?
  8. Can you give me advices, to what to sell to the trader, without regrets...things that, in UL, we will not have to really use (now or after)? (if the question is not too stupid because maybe things are different for each other about his particulary playstyle? i understand, for example, that books to ameliorate melee not worth for someone who plays range, etc... 😜 )
  9. Look at this guy playing UL... He plays on "insane" difficulty and he puts all the speeds of zombies on "nightmare", and his weapon is... a KNIFE! 😂 His 2nd let's play begins at 1H18'... He learns me very much, he's amazing! JonahBirch - Twitch
  10. Hi, look just up, Subquake took on his time to explain that... AND ALSO, to everyone : Hi, i'm a "normal" user of the "Undead Legacy" mod, i don't know Subquake... I'm french... I spent a lot of hours and pleasure on the mod, Subquake is not a part of the developpers of 7DTD, i read he has no job actually... I just sent Subquake (look on the 1rst page, paypal, etc...) 20 USD to him because i wanted to thank him for the lot of time and pleasure i take with his work... If you spent like me a lot of time on the mod, took a lot of pleasure AND want that he goes on to ameliorate
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