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  1. Bug report Fps will drop to 10~20 when firing a shotgun, especially when it was used inside a building. The same thing would also happen when you are using the quick access toolbar in your backpack or workstation to search for something. Like you are looking for "station", the moment you type in the first letter "s", the whole screen would just pause for one second or two . It's kind of annoying... but hey, creating mod and fixing bugs are more way frustrating. beggers can't be choosers, right? anyway, thanks man, for your hard word and devotion.
  2. got it. It's just like the lastest version of darkness fall where I can craft anything that has been unlocked without smelting as long as I carried enough ingredients in my backpack, right? And stuff like brass radiator, door knob, etc, they must be scraped in my backpack too? appreciate it, man☠️
  3. first of all, thank you for creating and sharing this incredible mod with 7DTD community. I'm ccurrently using the latest version (2.2.08) and there is a tiny issue, which I'm not sure if is just my own problem or a bug. There is no slot for ore, anvil or crucible to be put in neither in a forge/furnance nor a blacksmith forge. It was pretty confusing... no way I can smelt the ore and move further with this mod. Does anybody have the same problem? need some advice here👽
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