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  1. maybe a21 will see a change to farming since it will be ages for that to release to get a better system going? I barely farm but i horde seeds i find lol i hope stable a20 isnt too far off tbh
  2. Im sure all this farming problems will disapear with mods being made for it . i guarantee it.
  3. I hope not too long like 4 months but we'll see. I do like the idea of city selectors.. my biggest peeve atm is lack of big cities. thats why i have been looking so forward to a20
  4. oh heck no.. DX i dont know how ill be able to survive that wait lol (unless exp can use mods)
  5. what would be the time frame between "experiemtal" and stable?
  6. Also what could be cool in a future update, able to check and uncheck what traders you want to see in the world. (rekt is so annoying) Thanks for reading!
  7. oh nice! im always super curious on that note. (i love th game even though i stink at building a base ideas!) thank you for the reply!
  8. Are any future updates going to lead up to this Duke fellow? would be cool to see his reaction to seeing you again based on the first spawn in note.
  9. i just hope that option for city selector does mean bigger and more cities.. sometimes i make a new world and hardly find anything good.. (mostly the small ones)
  10. an option to disable traders you dislike would be cool. (though im sure isnt a good suggestion)
  11. oh i meant the ones that dont give a loot cache at the end of exploring.. i like the others that gives the reward for taking that time to explore the building to completion. just feels nice. (also i was just curious to be honest really)
  12. oohh what about what poi you want to see more of? (like more skyscrapers and less of the super boring buildings?)
  13. what id love would be a "biome selector" for new world options. a way to tick or untick which biomes you want to see/dont want in a world spawn (if its possible) just my thoughts
  14. what about an in game setting for it? say instant, 10s 20s 1 minute 3 minutes etc type of thing?
  15. now when you say more Pois.. does it bring higher chances for massive cities and more skyscraper chances? would be awesome! i love exploring and i never see skyscrapers in any world i gen.. (might be unlucky tbh)
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