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  1. How do I completely remove the behemoth?
  2. I've always wanted to see werewolves in this game (particularly during blood moons, of course). Possibly something akin to a direwolf with a spider skeleton and behavior? Wink wink
  3. Alright, did it, and can confirm that it works like a charm. Soon as my horde night was over and I went to the shop, I had 35 blood red strippers hanging out waiting for me lol. So, since this mod seems to have themed hordes, it partners with Duriel's, which means that 30+ radiated spiders are gonna be on the menu....
  4. Renaming the mod is just renaming the folder in /mods, right? So I could name it 00_enZombies1_1 for example?
  5. Is this a conflict? I play with Duriel's Larger Hordes x 4, and I'm used to wandering hordes of about 30 every other day or so. So far I'm on day 30-ish and haven't seen any with this mod, but have seen random hordes of just 8 or so spiders, or just bikers of different sorts. Does this override the other mod?
  6. idk about Snufkin's, but I know that creaturepack zombies collide while these don't. I never noticed Snufkin's because the few times that I've used it I've really only encountered them on horde nights. But I've used creaturepack for many months and have been able to run over everyone just fine. Whatever it is that creaturepack does to make this a non-issue, I suggest looking into that.
  7. Yes, it is that menu. However, I was able to create a character from that menu and the game runs as usual. Guess I just got spooked for a minute (and it did delete my character on the first attempt...) I want to add a bug tho: These new zombies have no collision with vehicles, parked or driven.
  8. Something very strange happens when I try this mod. When I select New Game, Continue or try to select my character, the zombie spawner menu or whatever it's called pops up and I can't play. Upon removing the mod, it deletes my created character. I have to select another, but when I load into my game at least the new character has all of my stuff... idgi. I should note that I'm also using creaturepack zombies if there's some kind of compatibility problem, but I've never seen any mod act like this.
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