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  1. Hello survivors ! In our MP game during the early days of Alpha 19, we went for our "usual" Horde Base design, which failed badly when too many demolishers appeared on Day 56 ! Now at Day 91, this video presents our new concept, to fight in an open field for the Horde Night ! Seriously mitigating the impact of demos ! Open Field Horde Bases Tour! Have you tried before similar designs for open field horde nights ? (with some Parkour elements!) Cheers, SolutOdka
  2. Salut Survivors ! I was looking for a How To video about Bartering and couldn't find any complete one, so I decided to do one: How to Barter in Alpha 19 ! As a summary: * Corporate Marketing CEO: up to +25% * Cigar: +10% * Holding the Magnum: +5% * Sugar Butts Candy: +10% * Grandpa's Awesome Sauce: +20% * Pumpkin Cheesecake: +5% (but only when buying!) All in all you can get a total of 75% dicount when buying, and +70% when selling ! Cheers !
  3. I see, that's a good interpretation why all trader' shops have the same opening and closing voice ! Even though it is the apocalypse, they actually have the White Flag after all !!
  4. With my friends, in our first MP game of Alpha 19, we built this Castle : Castle Base ! We were pretty happy of the construction features, but it could be cool to consider adding a couple of things : * more paint textures, wallpapers, etc... * consider adding features to put some as favorites, or group them into categories, something like that, * the old windows in previous alphas were cool, the new window is not as good as they look dirty => more window styles please ! * if this could be possible to paint doors, hatches, and other fixtures, that could be great (see in attached video how our doors of the rooms look like...), * it would be awesome, if instead of having a bedroll in our bedroom, we could select the built bed as a respawn point. * toilets, beds, etc ... that are brand newly crafted should not be looking dirty and old, ideally. Some ideas for consideration :).
  5. It would be cool if Trader Jen shop opening (and closing) voices would be updated :) ! A video with Trader Jen shop opening voice!
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