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  1. Salut survivors, Further to the previous numerous tests and the Build Movie last week, here is now the DAY 7000 HORDE test for the Pendulum !!
  2. That's a good idea to support and guide each other while we are beginning to share our love for games to other people ! I started playing this game many years ago, but only decided to share my passion with the current covid-19 quarantine. French practicing English daily for more than a decade, I still my accent of course, but hopefully I'm now okay to listen to ?! lol. I have focused so far on doing Guides and Tutorials, as well as presenting some Horde Base Designs. I feel there are just so many people doing Let's Plays, tat It hought I'd focus on other things; so I did Tutorials on what was not much covered yet (Food, Buffs, Drinks, Bartering....), and now developing around the perfect automated Horde Base, the Pendulum (multiple videos about it, can check on my channel) ! My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDELG9rnyt6CsnsvLZ0EyfA/ I just crossed the 50 subs recently, and I think I will prepare a little something to celebrate it 👍 !! But this not only for 7DTD content, but also Night of the Dead ! Cheers !
  3. Salut Survivors, After several people inquired on how to build the PENDULUM, I have prepared an in depth Guide Movie on how to do that :), please find it below 🎥 : I do not think it is ideal to watch it in one go, but on the contrary use the time stamps as appropriate! As it is going from the foundations up to the complex wiring circuits ... I hope the Horde Base Fanatics will enjoy, but I do not think this is meant for everyone either ! Please leave a like if you find it useful !!!
  4. Salut Survivors, After several people inquired on how to build the Pendulum, I have prepared a detailed Guide Movie on how to do that :), please find it below 🎥 :
  5. NO CHEESE!! D7/D14/D21/...HORDE BASE!! 🔥 Easy & Expandable! 🔥 Melee & Range! 🔥 Tips & Timelapse! 🔥 More than just for beginners 😲😎🤩 !!
  6. After testing the Pendulum Horde Base against demolishers yesterday, as requested there is now the testing from the skies ! @Laynie and @Toban I tried a little "The Birds" Hitchcock movie efffect for the thumbnail haha 🦅 !
  7. The concept is really cook CrainBramp! Love the idea 💡 ! Some questions / suggestions that come to my mind: * How many people are envisioned per team ? * Will there be somehow interaction between the two teams ? Rather than just pure symmetric ? (say if Team A unlocks something specific -maybe at a cost of time?-, this creates a zombie wave spawning for Team B, just a quick example, but this could be further studied!!!) * How will the winning team be defined ? Based on who completes it first, or will it be a combination of the time + the rewards gathered in the POI ? (like secondary objectives) * Maybe a small issue could be if someone takes Skull Crusher or Pummel Pete ... but keeps looting Machetes ... So maybe consider giving option of basic weapons of each category in the "starting area". * Will there be any construction at all, or will it be disabled ? (or maybe limited to XX wood frame per player per game ?) About the pictures, they look great, but maybe this is a bit dark, more lighting could be cool, also for recording and "broadcastnig" when the competition happens ! That sounds so cool 👍!!!
  8. Thank you Laynie ! This is much appreciated to sometimes receive kind words, it helps during hard times when some videos takes hours and days, as you well know with your Castle Thriller Videos I'm sure 🥤!
  9. I don't find it ugly at all hehe ! Looks Badass !
  10. Salut Survivors, While most survivors greeted the PENDULUM, others questioned its ability to withstand Demolishers ... I had to quickly test it ! Cheers, SolutOdka
  11. Hello, I have a suggestion for consideration, I have been playing around with automated base designs, and I reached the conclusion that we are somehow missing a tool in the current pallet of triggers and timers 💡. The Timer Relay can set a timer from a certain fixed time to another fixed time (from HH:MM to HH:MM), but we do not have another timer relay to maintain power/energy only for a period in time (this many seconds, and then it stops). For example, in my latest Horde Base (if interest in automated Horde Base you can watch here about the Pendulum), I have trigger plates in the end of each symmetrical tunnel, working with a 45seconds timer; and a light to show easily when they reach that end of tunnel (directly connected to the trigger plate). But I could not put a speaker (or i should get 45seconds of the speaker horrible alarm sound) because i could not insert a relay in between this trigger plate to the speaker. I think adding such a timer relay based on how long you want it to be active, would be making sense, and be very useful. In my case I had to get 2 triggers... one for the defense and light, and a special one dedicated for the said speaker 😁! Cheers, SolutOdka
  12. Thanks Laz Man, much appreciated ! For the ones who didn't catch the real video from the atmospheric teaser 🥤:
  13. Salut Survivors, We have designed an Innovative Automated Pendulum Horde Base 👍! Please share your thoughts on how you would integrate it to your base designs 💡, how would you improve it even better 💪 ? Of course, if you enjoy it, don't forget to subscribe for more videos 😉 Check it out : Cheers, SolutOdka
  14. Salut Survivors ! We had some delays to release our new video ... so we decided to create a teaser ! Please share your thoughts ! We tried to make as cinematographic as we could 😉 Cheers, SolutOdka
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