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  1. Damn lol I thought I was bad with this game. (after reading most of this post) I just came back from like a 3 year hiatus and I was already 5 times qualified to be in here mind you if I could have been playing like I was the whole time id easily have passed 10k hours probably a couple years ago lol I get HOOKED on this som@%$*#!! Love modding and finding glitches to report back to the pimps. Also honored to have noticed a Bunch of my modded features actually make it into the game! EVEN being able to sacrifice product for speed and just press E to pick up grass is blanked out in the VANILLA scripts! my old mod and videos all had that feature 😃 very cool. I cant think of a negative thing about this game I often cite it as The Greatest game of all time imo. I remember back in like 10.4 or so when I realized you could trap dogs and then later all zombies in wood frames... Man my buddy was SOO pissed all the time cuz id leave hoardes just STUCK there swinging at him in front of his base XD. (they fixed this shortly after I'm pretty sure he sent in so many report tickets over that) Or has anyone tryed getting some friends on your server having some drinks? some of the best fun I've probably had in a game LOL wake up the next day and you have a bunch of giant sand cocks covered in torches and stuff all over the place haha. Like I said I can't think of anything negative. My hardware was always pretty top notch though so lag and stutters or graphical issues are almost always non existent. if I had to say my favourite build was probably somewhere before that crazy A11 update I'm thinkin around A10.5 or so might have been .7. Anyway back at it my mod aint going to finish itself just wanted to drop in and share a bit of love and the title caught my eye 😃
  2. Ok textures I expected But tinting blocks would be the bees knees sir! gonna have to learn me how to do that XD Same as block stacks We always needed an external program which breaks EAC so that's good to know I can tinker with that I appreciate it 😃 This isn't really my cup of joe mind you.. I actually have this program already with a guide its still chinese to me. This is what I meant when I asked if we needed third party programs to do stuff like edit block stacks and stuff still lol. These guys who mod like this are bananas Though mad respect.
  3. Hey guys its been a while and this'll be my first official standalone post back in a few. (I tug my own balls a lot) Anyway I've obviously been looking to update my mod from Alpha 14 Which shows how long roughly its been lol, And I've come across a few things I cant seem to find information on anywhere.. Well at least for Alpha 19. MAIN question I have is what happened to Param2 in blocks.xml? Is it depreciated? inactive? just plain does nothing? or does it just work a little different than before? An example I can give of how it used to work was when Valmar created the Autowall mod out of a plant.. growing a block on top of the last one.. What he explained to me was that param1="numerical" and param2="a second block type" The reason was That the whole function looked something like : notice the initial value was a copy of itself thus creating an endless cycle block on a block on a block etc.. Yet param1 told it how many times to go up before adding param2 a standard block to break the cycle. So my question remains does param2 just work differently now or what? Because It obviously doesn't just work like this now. Next question I have was about adding a new workstation.. I'm not completely lost or anything I did manage to Add new resources and ui to the original forge mind you makes it look like it was made that way lol. But if I wanted to add a second forge just for the additional units is where I couldn't find the line.. Is that possible? a simple yes or no can help a lot here XD And Finally .. I forgot my next question LMAO .. oh well Genius is as Genius does boys just means I'll have to edit later XD EDIT: I think I remember I wanted to ask if we've cracked Block stack limits and Textures or tinting Blocks yet? or is that still strictly done by third party programs still? Thanks in advance for any and all help you might give me on this Wish I could just ask Valmar like the old days haha Much Love ~Scrotis
  4. Appreciate The Information lol Last mod I released was like the day of Alpha 15 launch so i'm a bit rusty
  5. These are still Valid questions except now I have another lol.. What does that mean? Also for fun Heres how you make an Auto Wall that goes all the way up to the build limit And a recipe for it cuz why not lmao maybe someone wants to use these. Dont add this to the mod though XD just for fun. Edit: wouldn't be me without forgetting to say thanks for your time and support.
  6. So after a bit of trial and error I nailed it perfectly. Even though this kind of makes it my idea instead I present Valmars Auto Wall Mod V19 Its Not Exactly How Valmar Made it, But its the exact same thing Except in Alpha 19 baby! If there is another way to streamline it even further of course id love to learn about it. What exactly is the function of param2 now? does it even do anything it could have knocked this process down to 3 blocks instead of like 15 lol but I couldnt figure it =p I actually Created a few Recipes for the blocks too but you'll have to gate them with quests or perks or whatever use them if/how you wish 😃 Much Love All ❤️
  7. BRUH.. You Still talk to him? I respect that he doesn't want to play and all but first ask him to add me on steam maybe I can convince him to at least play Rocket League with me HAHA. and second see if hes still got copies of his old mods perhaps? I'm sure you've already asked that though XD Yeah ill Add it to the list of modding things to do and hit you back in here I don't think that was the only Valmod I had either but don't get your hopes up I haven't dug through that old code in ages and some of it just plain may no longer work 😃 Much love Fellow Valmar fan XD
  8. Damn Lol only a few of his mods I'm not seeing in here. This is good work to salvage all this from the forum Jump mate my question now is.. where the hell is my old buddy Valmar? Does anyone even know? lol.. I dissapear for several years and I come back to this? XD I've actually managed to save my old Alpha 14 Mod showcase myself (from around the last time I was active in here it's actually been helping a lot in porting it to Alpha 19) I'm sure if hes around hed have the rest of his mods? but the way you speak of him in past tense has me a bit worried considering He isn't even on my friends list in steam anymore. Anyway much love brother Well done ill see if I have my modded versions of some of his stuff to add to this list I could easily tweak it back the way he had it so it'll be OG. Edit: Yup of course I used Valmars features on my old server XD would you like me to figure this out so it works for Alpha 19 so you can add it to the list bro?
  9. Damn Mad Mole You guys have been Busy.. Whether you remember me or not I just want to begin with.. I'm Proud of You guys and what you have accomplished. and follow up with That I'm honored so many of my modded features have made it into the game now 😃 Yes of course I'm cooking something up It should look pretty familiar right down to the science of it Be on the lookout in the mod forum. While I'mat it where is my old friend Valmar? I need someone to get me up to speed with how the new modding works and He isn't even on my steam list anymore and these new programs seem clunky compared to what we used back in 2014ish or maybe again I'm just not sure how to use it right lol. Either way boys Sorry for the several year hiatus And I'm So proud to call this the greatest game of all time 😃 see ya around.
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