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  1. I only found 2 issues, The pink ride micro icon isn't there so its invisible in the bags, The vehicles are not responding to changes in vehicles.xml for a default truck. I modified speed, fuel capacity and fuel mileage for the vehicles is there a similar file in the mod i need to adjust to reflect that. Can't wait for the motorcycle release. Why are 7D2D mods not in the dlc's so they can be subscribed to and kept up to date? Or have I just be unable to find them. I am trying to bring my bigger audience over to the game some of the little things that we do naturally over time need to be automated for a bigger crowd.
  2. I pulled them up using the CM menu but are there recipes for the public to use as I installed this on a public dedicated server?
  3. dumb question but HOW do i use the mod its installed on my computer and uploaded to the dedicated server. tried adding die but to no avail what is the special method to get the pimped out ride.
  4. This is true but misleading it has to do with volume of information being processed by the card not the output. I record video in 60 fps it makes the files HUGE and bulky to upload but if we don't do this then smart tv's don't have enough information to process and it can look fuzzy on larger screens. As your quote described this is about filling in the gaps. Monitors don't have the pixel gaps that a large screen tv does. Another side note monitors like what you see displaying menu's at Movie theaters have way more pixels than desktop monitors to allow depth at distance for easier reading. I use one of these for troubleshooting even VGA looks like HD on these screens. The advise was simply don't drive yourself crazy trying to drive your card to insanity. If it looks good it looks good. But other factors are the quality of monitor. Crap card with a quality monitor will look better than a quality card with a crap monitor. The dead but killer tech was in the DLP back lit screens sent black and white light toward screen and a spinning crystal added the color. Old John Wayne movies would look 1080p
  5. Just an FYI blow it off if you know everything. FPS was the original goal until 50p movies came out and they found that anything over 35-40 FPS tends to stress the brain a bit (People were getting headaches at theaters). Its not that you don't see the information its you can't process it and you start disregarding it. The goal should be the quality of frames you provide in that 35-40 range not more of them. The limit is YOU not your video card. If your running a FPS meter to know that your picture is "better" rather than a "that looks good to me" try to break your more is better addiction or focus it on More per frame rather than more frames. This is why many games started having "frame limiters" for liability issues
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