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  1. OOOhh! Thank you very much! I end up raising motherlode to 3 but kept miner69 0. Healing factor and iron gut at 1 but I hasn't increase in fort. I will focus mostly on agi then, thanks! I'm loving this agi build already, I can pickaxe a door, destroy paintings, or scrap beds without waking neighborhood zombies already with 3/5 from the shadows. Just need to be careful of spacing my actions to not 'pile' the noises up to 50 or more.
  2. I love the many options on nitrogen but uh... I prefer the landscape the vanilla made... diff mountains between desert and others... more trees on forest.. and sometimes nitrogen's mountain is weird dome thing with weird road... do I do it wrong or it just this program just give a different flavor? Can I have more natural generation if I use heightmap? How do I get heightmap from normal landscapes / map?
  3. There is no ghili suit on the wiki...
  4. So I just come back to 7days to die and I love the changes have been made. The skill trees really interesting. Last time I played was before they add wasps. I am planning to max stealth perks and invest on compound bow, machete, and AK 47. I'm playing without bloodmoon horde as I enjoy more of exploring POIs and looting. So full agility on priority, then goes for fortitude. Skills planning: perception 3 - Lucky looter 3 - lockpicking 1 Strength 3 - sexual tyranousaurus 3 - miner 69 (some people says I should get this for single player, worth it?) - motherlode (som
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