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  1. what happened to stone shovel ?;-)
  2. The "Fire" still gives me errors when I open it not the Camp fire, just the Fire
  3. The random world gen does not work, missing a lot of prefabs
  4. Is there a generated map? what map is best to play the mod?
  5. Loads of red messages after accessing the campfire
  6. Nuko-san


    Is it normal that the crafting (including boiling water etc.) requires me to actively look at the crafting que? like I need to have the campfire opened for the things to craft, is that normal?
  7. Hi n2n1 How are you? I hope the war does not affectting you and you're still having some time to work on the brialliant mod
  8. Does this one include the PIP patch?
  9. Heads up - in Delmod Tools there's a typo in the recipes (stun baton parts) there are "resourceElectricalParts", instead of resourceElectricParts.
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