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  1. Well, my sincere apologies for my delayed response, I have been entirely unable to access the Forums for a while now. As you have stated this line "<remove xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[@name=playerMale]/property[@name=DropInventoryBlock][@value=cntBackpackDropped]" />" is the offending line. I added it intentionally to disable the normal drop-on-death function. However, as you have probably already found, simply removing this one line will restore the normal drop-on-death functionality.
  2. Just copy the Delmod_Startup_Packs folder and all of its contents into your Mods folder. It will be like this 7 Days To Die\Mods\Delmod_Startup_Packs\ Then restart your server
  3. Just to be clear so I can help resolve. When you start, you have the two bags in your action bar correct? I am assuming you then set them on the ground and punched them a few times to open them? When you open them they are empty? If this is all accurate then I can only assume one of the following. Somehow the files got corrupted. Try deleting and re-installing. Your vanilla 7D2D files may have a problem. Run validate files to make sure they are OK? Another Modlet's loot.xml may be conflicting because I use loot container ID 221 and 222. Another modlet may be using those as well.
  4. Just an FYI. It is working for my group pretty flawlessly. We have a dedicated server on Pingperfect and all of our users have it installed locally. We are running Allocs Server Fixes, BC-Commands, some of the S420 Simple UI modlets, and a series of modlets I wrote. All A-OK here.
  5. I modified my rwgmixer.xml file (A17.0) to get a smoother terrain with more sensible biomes. This is the before biome map: This is after I modified my mixer file: Same seed. Here is the file if you want to play with it. If you make it better, let me know.
  6. So I gather the world mixer didn't change between 17.0 and 17.1 is that correct?
  7. Added Delmod Combiner Adds combiner function back to the game. This provides the ability to combine two like objects into a single better quality object. The combiner is accessible via the Workbench and Vehicle Storage
  8. DelStryker

    Mod List

    Howdy all, I put together a small collection of modlets as well if they can be of use to anyone. Some game quality improvements like pack size, storage size, startup packs, working stoves and sinks, craftable log spikes again, etc. Hope they can be of use. Feel free to modify and reuse any way you please. The modlet page is located here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?105720-Del-Stryker-A17-Modlet-Collection
  9. Created Delmod Stack Sizes Modlet - Changes several item item stack sizes Doubles the ammunition stack size Changes stack size for several resources, food items, drink items, drugs and medical items.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I have added it to the Science perk in the progression.xml.
  11. - - - - Delmod A17 - - - - Modlet Collection Modlets are located HERE on Github This is currently a set of modlets that I have thrown together to provide some sensible quality improvements, and add a few more items to the game. The usual disclaimers and rules apply. I created this for my own personal use among my tribe. These Modlets are very much "works in progress" and will be updated and/or improved and added to as my time allows and as I am able. Of course, additions. corrections, and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome. The following individuals I would like to credit right now: sphereii , Guppycur , stedman420 , KhaineGB , stallionsden , and others for code examples, tutorials, etc. If you are not credited here it is because I can not remember what I used of yours. However, I am sure I will credit more people here as time goes on and as I borrow more of other people's code. Delmod Kitchen - Working Sinks and Stoves that can be crafted Working Granite Sink Working Sink Working Oven Working Stove All can be crafted at Level 1 of Advanced Engineering The Stove and Oven operate like the Campfire but they do not require fuel. The Sinks fill empty bottles with murky water by right mouse clicking on the sink with the bottle in your hand. Delmod Pack And Store - Larger Backpack (60) and Larger Storage Containers Increases Backpack to 60 Increases Gun Safe, Refrigerator, Cabinets to 72 Increases Desks, nightstands, Lockers to 48 Increase Bookcase, Medical Cabinets, Pill Case to 36 Delmod Recipes Fix - Changed some of the recipes. Dropped the meat requirements on most recipes to 1 instead of 10. Added quantity 5 stews using less ingredients Modified the Medical Kit recipe to require antibiotics instead of a blood bag and added an additional Medical Kit recipe Added a Bottle of Acid recipe Added a Hardened Chest recipe Added Beaker recipe Added Solar Cell and Solar Bank recipe Added Log Spikes recipe More recipes will be forthcoming as I am able,... Delmod Combiner Adds combiner function back to the game. This provides the ability to combine two like objects into a single better quality object. The combiner is accessible via the Workbench and Vehicle Storage Delmod Stack Sizes - Changes several item item stack sizes Doubles the ammunition stack size Changes stack size for several resources, food items, drink items, drugs and medical items. Click on the Github download link to see a detailed list of all stack size changes. Delmod Startup Packs - New Startup Packs Adds bug out bags to your new character at the beginning of the game. These packs contain randomly generated clothes, weapons, and other survival type gear you might commonly find in a bug out bag. Set the bags on the ground and punch them to open them. Delmod Archetypes - Added one new Del Stryker archetype This is just an example of how to create additional archetypes to use within the game. Modlets are located HERE on Github Installation These are all xpath Modlets. Therefore, the modlet folder needs to reside within your "7 Days To Die\Mods" folder. This is typically located here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die\Mods" If the "Mods" folder does not exist within your "7 Days to Die" folder, simply create the "Mods" folder. Extract/Copy the modlet folder into your "7 Days To Die\Mods" folder. Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die\Mods\Delmod_Kitchen" Localization.txt File The localization.txt file is not processed as an XML file, of course. Therefore, if a localization.txt file is included in the modlet you want to use, you will need to please append this file to the end of your current localization.txt file. First, please make a backup copy of your current localization.txt file to something like localization.txt.bak. This file is located in your "7 Days To Die\Data\Config" folder. Then copy the contents of the new localization.txt file into the end of your current localization.txt file in your "7 Days To Die\Data\Config" folder. Easy Method Using Localization Appender This can more easily be done with the included "Localization Appender" which I first saw posted by Jereth_Khan It is a batch file named "Localization.bat" that you can launch from within the Modlets "Config" folder. Follow the onscreen directions and it will create a backup of your existing localization.txt file and then append the modlets data for you. These all currently work in Single Player and MultiPlayer mode. For MP they are only required on the Server side and not required on the client side. Modlets are located HERE on Github More to come,......
  12. DelStryker


    Use the beer barrel models already in game and make them workstations for fermenting the wine and the beer, instead of the chem station.
  13. Hey, I just want to say thank you for the awesome mod. Fixing the lights would be awesome and I am really looking forward to the boat. You have done some supppper cool work!!!! One of the best mods out definitely!
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