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  1. New Version Balanced: Reduced Weapon Parts Costs New Look for Titanium Block Black Dye and Blue Dye craftable for the cosmetic of the Mod-Weapons No longer quality penalty for gun crafting ModdigerModOfficial.rar
  2. This mod introduces a research system for the Tier weapons, tools and armor. Furthermore there are 6 added weapons: Tank Rifle and Barrett Cal. 50 for Dead Eye, Uzi for Gunslinger and for the Intellect Atribute there are 2 kinds of Tasers and a Thermite Launcher. And a 6th secret weapon. Also there is a new material which comes after Steel. So this mod started basically because I didn´t like that grilled meat costs 5 pieces of meat. And that a seed costs 5 fruits of the plant. From there things started rolling and I learned everything on the go. As already stated there ar
  3. I have some suggestions for the Intellect Weapons. 1. Instead of adding a T2 and T3 Stun / Plasma Baton, there could be a Taser T1 (1 shot) and Taser T2 (2 shots) - these belong also to the Electrolutioner Perk and can also stun special / radiated Zombies., 2. Support Weapons (These could replace the Turrets, since they are a bit unrealistic operating without gas and gunpowder, or be additionally) T1: Pipe Pistol (craftable in the early-game), just 1 shot, but can use 9mm, 7,62mm and .44 ammunition T2: Flamethrower (instead as Fortitude weapon) T3: G
  4. Since everytime we play 7Days Co-op it kind of ends when there is no more real threat coming from the Horde nights, I suggest adding an endgame biom. It could be a radiated area at the corner of the map, which you can only enter once you collected (or crafted after reading a specific book series) the hazard armor. (and then still only for a limited amount of time). In this area there are strong zombies (only radiated ones and maybe some unique ones like radiated dogs and birds) and also good loot. In the middle of the radiated area could be something like a nuclear plant building with esp
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