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  1. Thanks for acknowledging : ) Just an addition to 1. Yes, you need the parts to craft the weapon, but when you found a lathe- not really, because when you unlocked the weapon crafting, you can also immediately craft all the parts from steel. So when you are lucky to find a lathe early- it makes finding the right weapon parts a bit unnecessary. It just saves up on resources. And that situation exactly prevents the old A16 feeling of looking for the right weapon parts to finally be able to craft your gun. So having the specific gun crafting splitted up into assembling the gun and part crafting, it maintains the A16 situation of searching for gun parts, until you reached the level cap for unlocking part crafting (and is not relying on the random chance of finding the lathe, which is also capable of creating frustration when you just don´t loot it - having a level cap for ultimately using the lathe gives you more time to find it)
  2. Hey Khaine Huge Fan of your mod! From my last playthrough I wanted to share some balancing ideas me and my friend stumbled across while playing your mod. Things like the Stun Baton I also veryfied myself looking at your xml files. 1. Weapon Crafting / Weapon Parts Currently I think weapon parts are a bit useless. They save up on resources, but that´s all. I think it would be cool, if there is a game phase, where you rely on finding weapon parts, (regardless having luck finding the Lathe or not) More Punishing Example: AK 47 crafting Level 1 allows you to assemble the gun in the workbench AK 47 crafting Level 2 (unlocked on a certain level cap) allows you to craft the parts in the Lathe Less Punishing Example: All weapon assemble recipes are always unlocked 2. The Stun Baton is a bit odd considering following topic: For the Action Skill it seems to count as Blunt Weapon but not for the Pummel Pete Skill, or maybe it was the other way around. And also you get the damage bonus from science crafting I think, but none of that is mentioned in the description of the Baton. 3. Antirad Like in the description of the item already stated, it would be cool, if it only partly removes radiation and doesn´t make you 100 percent resistant. My idea for the more complex fix: Instead of just getting the full radiation effect upon entering the radiated area, you could have radiation buff, which elevates your radiation value. On certain stages of the radiation buff you get more and more negative effects, such as health loss, the screen effect... Pills and all Radiation Protection just lowers the rate of which the value goes up. (To a maximum of full protection (or not)) 4. Starving Just a small issue my friends faced. You (sometimes?) don´t really get a warning when you starve. Especially since it goes really fast, sometimes they died because they didn´t keep an eye on the hunger bar. It´s also their fault, but maybe some hurt sounds just before you start taking damage would help. 4. Water Sources Just a small thing. Coconut and all other fruits should also give some water. Lead to a dramatic death, where normally a coconut would have saved your life. 5. Parkour Jump boost Should be removed and added to the Transhuman Perk. First- everyone wants the Resistance against mines, but nobody wants to jump that high. Second- it´s unrealistic to jump that high. 6. Rad Remover and Blessed Metal Very powerful Mods. They should require more advanced resources. For the Rad Remover maybe the Radiation Ores / ingots like Plutonium And for the Blessed Metal maybe silver or demonic essence or something which is harder to obtain, it is the most powerful Mod in the game. 7. Bread Very complex to craft. Gives just 5 hunger points, so no point in making it. Should provide around 15 hunger points. 8. Portals Maybe a bit easy to break. Maybe it would be more of a challenge if you need a specific explosive like C4 (or C4) to break it, which you need to place directly on the portal (so not from distance with the Rocket Launcher). 9. Clay It would be more realistic if you also needed to fire the pottery in a camp fire before you can use it.
  3. With Dead Eye Lvl 5 you are able to craft the SCHEMATIC for the tank rifle (~ "Tank Rifle Schematic") You need to craft this and read it, after that you are able to craft the Tank Rifle itself. Same Spiel with the Barret Cal. 50 and most other weapons / craftable items from my mod.
  4. Bug Report: The "Feel The Heat" Mod for Pistols and SMG´s adds 1 to the $GunslingerCombo, this is referred to in the buffPerkGunslinger . But the requirement to apply this Buff is the PerkGunslinger from vanilla. Since in the Mod there is only a Perk perkTheOutlaw, the Buff does not apply and so you don´t get a bonus from the Feel The Heat Mod. The Localization itself is also misleading, even if the Buff would apply.
  5. New Version Balanced: Reduced Weapon Parts Costs New Look for Titanium Block Black Dye and Blue Dye craftable for the cosmetic of the Mod-Weapons No longer quality penalty for gun crafting ModdigerModOfficial.rar
  6. This mod introduces a research system for the Tier weapons, tools and armor. Furthermore there are 6 added weapons: Tank Rifle and Barrett Cal. 50 for Dead Eye, Uzi for Gunslinger and for the Intellect Atribute there are 2 kinds of Tasers and a Thermite Launcher. And a 6th secret weapon. Also there is a new material which comes after Steel. So this mod started basically because I didn´t like that grilled meat costs 5 pieces of meat. And that a seed costs 5 fruits of the plant. From there things started rolling and I learned everything on the go. As already stated there are 6 new weapons. I always felt the Intellect Attribute while being very supportive to craft the vehicles and new materials, always lacked own useful weapons. That´s why I made 3 new ones: Taser T1 and T2 for the Electrocutioner Perk. (also the Shocked Effect now lasts almost twice as long) And the Thermite Launcher which belongs to the Physician Perk. It is a late game weapon with expensive ammo but very useful against strong/radiated Zombies. It deals damage over time and kills the "weaker" radiated zombies mostly with one hit. The Dead Eye also got 2 new weapons. Same Spiel here: While the Shotgun and Machine Gun Perk are provided with strong T3 weapons to deal with crowds, the Dead Eye only has a mediocre weapon comparing to these two. So he is provided with 2 new weapons: Tank Rifle which uses special ammo made from forged steel, it deals massive damage. Good for single strong zombies. The upgrade is the Barret Cal 50. with a bigger magazine. Through the Penetrator Perk it is also be useful against crowds, zombies will be flying all over the place. The Uzi is a middle step between pistol and Mp5. Also it needs to be said that the ingame skins are all based on vanilla skins. There are NO NEW SKINS in the game. I am just using existing ones and changed the properties, name and icon. Mod language is english and german. What else is there: After Steel now comes a next tier Material. (from which can be crafted tools, some melee weapons, a powerful but very heavy armor and the standard steel block is upgradeable) These tools definetly compare to Motor tools, with some points in Sexual Tyranosaurus they might even outperform them. They do more damage than steel tools and cost less stamina to use and also have a higher rate of swings per second. The material itself I saw on two other mods- but besides the name of the material I didn´t copy anything at all. There is a very special way to craft it. You need a Engineer Lvl 5 to smelt the basic ingredient in the forge, a Physician Lvl 4 is needed to produce the very specific reagent which is capable of melting the material into Ingots. A Lvl 5 Tool Crafter is needed to craft the Shaft for the Tools. And also you need special glue for which you need to gather Mutated Corn. And then there is another secret material from which can be crafted a powerful weapon, go find out yourself. THE RESEARCH SYSTEM Basically everything is craftable now. To craft the items that werent available before or just through finding the specific schematic, here is how to unlock them: Get the specific Perk (in the ingame description, or for a weapon it is always the specific perk) After reaching a certain level, you are not able to craft the item directly, rather you unlocked to craft the SCHEMATIC for the wanted item. Gather the required resources and then research the schematic. Read the schematic and now you are able to craft the item. For the guns it is in general like this: T1 weapon is craftable from basic resources after learning Perk Lvl 1 T2 weapon schematic and the weapon part schematic are craftable after learning Perk Lvl 3 T3 weapon schematic is craftable after learning Perk Lvl 5 Exceptions are: MachineGunner: T1 weapon is craftable after learning Perl Lvl 3 (AK47 has also been downgraded in terms of accuracy) T2 weapon schematic is craftable after learning Perk Lvl 4 Pistol Pete: There are now 2 T2 weapons- Uzi and Magnum For T3 weapons, Lvl 4 is enough to learn them. However you need to have a Uzi to learn the Mp5 and you need to have a Magnum to learn the Desert Vulture. For Melee Weapons, Tools, Armor and Bows you can craft the Steel version / T3 version of the parts usually at Lvl 4 the same as the T3 schematic. Weapon mods schematics can also be crafted. You need the weapon parts of the belonging perk to do so. For example Machine Gun Parts for the extended magazine. The Crucible Schematic is already craftable after attaining Engineer Lvl 3. However, of course you still can find everything through looting, I didn´t change that at all. Furthermore: Guns now have the exact amount of quality as the perk. Whereas Melee,Tools and Bows have a bonus of +1 INCLUDING Level 5, which means you can craft these items of quality 6. The Stun Baton got upgraded. Perk Lvl 5 Electrocutioner grants 30 % Faster hitting with the Baton and each swing costs 30 % less stamina. Then there are some more small changes: As stated in the beginning seeds now only cost 1 fruit. And charred/cooked/grilled meat costs now only 2 pieces of meat. I think this is more balanced because now you can actually cook and eat the meat, rather than safing it for later on for the advanced meals which are like 600 percent more effective. A new drink called Mead. You can craft it with honey. Well, mostly that´s it. It is my first modlet and I was learning everything while doing it. There are one or two things I learned later on which I would have done differently when I would start again. I took the 9mm ammo HP and AP away from the normal guns and used it is special ammo exclusive for the mod weapons, same for flaming crossbow bolts, as I have made bad experiences with custom ammo in the beginning. But also I wanted to finish this project before the holidays and also before Alpha 20 gets too close. So everything works perfectly fine and is tested. If you should find anything that doesn´t, just write a comment into the forum and I will fix it as soon as possible. HAPPY HOLIDAYS To install the modlet, place the Mod file into a "Mods" Folder in the 7 days to die Main folder. The mod need to be installed on server and client side, as I am using custom Icons. Special thanks to "Flexible Games" on youtube for teaching me the basics of writing a modlet and also "Max Fox" who also covered more advanced stuff. ModdigerModOfficial.rar
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