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    Thanks for the mod. Seems to be the only one i've been interested enough in to stick with. I have 2 questions. Does the crucible even exist? lol we have the skill but it is still wanting us to have the schematic as well I believe which we haven't found and the second question. I have had no luck crafting some things. Such as things that require broken glass. Because your mod does not call it broken glass it doesn't register in the workbenches.
  2. hah this is true. it's the only mod i've played where i've been pushed around so much, or more literally right off buildings
  3. I've played most of the mods for 7d2d over the years and this one has always been my favorite. What I appreciate is that it is more difficult and challenging. I've seen some people say it's to hard and I hope it's not made easier. I think it already has been a bit by the way building and upgrading is done, though I appreciate that part cuz I hated it before. I will say I've had to restart multiple times because if I touch the zombie spawn amount then they just stop spawning at all, and I start getting errors about them not existing and it saying stuff like 0 of 300 potential zombies in world. I guess i should also add it did to this to me on my existing game also without me touching any settings. Just seems to be a random thing it likes to do to me, however for some reason it fixed itself and the zombies came back after i turned off my steam account and logged back into steam and the game. Of course my archery set back to 0 but it was under 10 to begin with and I know your aware of that. I have never posted before, just wanted to stop and I love ravenhearst.
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