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  1. We are running a Nitro map with Darkness Falls but we have a specific biome selection (Snow in the north, desert in the south, greenland in between, water all around). I had to use the DF prefab list to get in those buildiings but it works and no issues.
  2. My god the creator of this mod is evil!! I applaud your evilness, Sir!
  3. Excellent tool, I think I may have reached for the stars tho Using the latest version and trying for the 1st time using Compo 41 pack I am receiving errors on our server Steps I have taken, Install Nitrogen (no issues using it a while now) Install Compo (prefabs, rwgmixer locally) Install prefablist (Nitrofolder) Run Nitro, verify Xcustom POIs are on map in spawnpoint.xml. Load new map locally works fine. Upload to server and receive the above error. Am I missing something? We have played several maps generated by Nitro (previous version) on the server, this is the 1st
  4. For a dedicated server the clients only need to install Epiccity4k and the prefabs from compopack 39? is that correct. thanks
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