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  1. what do you mean by 3rd option??? can you send a screenshot about your blocks? I mean how did you managed to to that with tags. I really want to make a block that I can pick up and another block to store items in it. and I'm making a yt series on yt. Please help!
  2. now i see the block but cant interact with it. I mean cant pick it up.
  3. which tag I need for a simple block, and to an interactable block? because I use T_Mesh_B and I can't see the model that I made for it. I use tag at 'GameObject' thing. you know, when you create empty gameobject where you can put the prefab you made. I want to make placeable duke coins, and I can't see the model. can someone write down the correct order with the tags? I mean where do i have to put T_Mesh_B and which layer should I use.
  4. Now I managed to make blocks and items, but with blocks I can't make chest like blocks(I can't interact with them, Can't damage them, can't open them) and this is really annoying thing because in A17 it was easy to do, but in a19 its crappy.
  5. Hello! Im using the 2019.4.13f1 unity to make some items, but the game tells me that I made it with wrong version. I get this error... can sy help me with this? PLS.
  6. Ah, thanks, so I have to scale it in unity? nice. I almost deleted the model, which can add 9 more barrel to the collection. the better fun is to put 4 on a pallet
  7. Hello guys, there is a problem So, the model actually is small when I want to place it down, but when it placed, IT'S HUGE LIKE HELL What do I do with this crap? delete the model?
  8. Hello guys, this is a preview of my barrel blocks that I made so far. I made these 4 barrel yet, the 1st barrel is a simple water barrel, the 2nd is the biofuel barrel, the 3rd is petroleum barrel, and the 4th is a gas barrel. and you can stack them on top of each other. and there will be more barrel, and I will add a pallet version of it, and it will contain a lot of combinations too. I hope when it will be ready to publish, you will like it.
  9. Hello Gouki, I want this barrel to compress some of the fuel that I will add to the game, and there is going to be 4 barrel on the pallet, and you can place them down, and if you want to get your item back, you just have to craft the 3 barrel variation of that, but if the craft dont work like that, just like harvesting items, you could scrap that down, and you will get one barrel of that kind of fuel/liquid. and if you have 4 different kind of barrel, you will get all barrels, and the pallet. and you could place the barrel down, and craft the 3 barrel back. so there is going to have soooo much block. And to answer your question, I will publish the whole mod, because this is going to be an extention of my Compressed Items 3.1 named mod, but this will be much better, and cooler than that was. I could publish the blocks, but those are contains items from my whole mod, And I will have to make a different mod, which will just contains those 3 block.(ibc tote, woodburningfurnace, and the modernworkbench) I don't know when will I publish my mod, but it will happen in 2020
  10. Hello guys, I have an idea... I want to make a pallet of barrels, and you could craft them, and if you have a pack of 4, you could decrease the number if you need a barrel, you will get that barrel, but also a pack of 3 barrel too. Is is possible?
  11. Okay, That's works. And how to add new "cols" to the crafting queue and the input window?
  12. So, this is the code. I have 2 block, so there is 2 different ui code
  13. Hello guys. I have a little problem with ui_display xpath thing... the game can't recognize this at that form. how should I type it?
  14. Thanks for the tips I will try these today
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