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    The only relevant detail I can think of is that I've logged over 830 hours on 7 Days. Not sure how long ago I first downloaded it, but the world was flat and the only critters besides zombies were piggies.
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    Tabletop RPG's, open world games, multiplayer coop

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  1. You wouldn't need all three ladders. They're a bit like the progressive tools - nobody carries a wrench, a ratchet, AND an impact driver, now do they?
  2. Well, it looks like the gable varieties that were removed from the game's wood frames a while back have now been removed from the concrete blocks too? I sure am gonna miss them. Oh well... back to renovating my house. 😝
  3. I dunno - why would anybody carry several cords of wood around? LOL I thought I explained my purpose pretty well in the original post. Including admitting that for pure practicality the "build frames" method worked, I just would rather do something different. Thanks, renejant!
  4. Hi, y'all. I just had a great idea for a new tool/furniture option: multipurpose ladders Step Ladder: 1x2 blocks. Used for giving yourself a bit more height to reach high dufflebags and hidden loot boxes. A-Frame Ladder: 2x4 blocks. Used for access to second story windows, the roofs of small buildings, etc. Painter's Ladder: Size depends on shape selected. This ladder has context options on the use button to change its shape and can be used to cross gaps in scaffolding, stairs, used as a step ladder, or an A-Frame ladder.
  5. Is there a way to tell how much heat I'm generating? I've had two forges going 24/7 and the screamers just don't seem as attracted to them as they used to be. And thanks! 😁
  6. No worries. I think it came in a recent update - I don't remember it in A18 (no guarantee it wasn't there though).
  7. Screamers are pretty obviously based on the banshee/llorena/crying woman architype, yeah? So I've noticed a change in spawn behavior for Screamers. They seem more attracted to noise than heat now. In particular I get more of them when I'm mining than any other time. So I've built up a sort of headcanon around the Screamer (to me they are all the same woman). In my made up lore her husband was a miner, and she died while he was in the mines. She doesn't remember much about her time among the living except for her passionate love for this miner who she believes is still in the min
  8. If this is on the PC version, I can verify that the ability already exists. Look at the thumbnail and you'll see in the corner a little white book. The book will be opened (if known) or closed (if unknown).
  9. I do get the point of requiring canned foods for the more complicated, more useful recipes... it's more the ratio that seems way off to me. I can find 5 stacks of Sham, 2 or 3 stacks of tuna, beef rations or lamb rations, but only 2 cans (not stacks) of peas? The reason I suggested gardening for the peas is that this is a thing we'd naturally do - peas are a pretty simple crop to grow, as are beans. Let the government issue white label rations be the rare item - how much of that stuff is really going to be floating around after the world ends? If I'm getting 1 or 2 tins of meat for every 4 tin
  10. The marble thing is happening to my friend on my unlisted completely vanilla server. She hasn't tried playing in SP since it started and it only first started happening in 19. She recently did a file clean, so we'll see if that helps. If not *I'll* do a file clean and see if it helps. I know this is a relatively stale post, and I'll continue reading through the rest of the thread and see if there's been any new info since last month.
  11. I ❤️ love ❤️ the new recipes in 19! It actually feels very satisfying when I can put more than 3 ingredients together and come up with something really filling and healthy. My only problem with it - my favorites so far (all both of them) require peas. Peas I can only get from a can. Which I might get once every couple of days, even with loot spawn cranked way up. So I'm stockpiling everything else, fresh meat, fresh veg, other canned goods. Which leads me to my more general point - animal and plant varieties and their lack. I want peas in my garden. I want an orchard - what survivalist
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