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  1. Awesome dude! This woked like a charm. I apprechate your help, thanks a lot. Cheers! Berytak
  2. That was a good hint. Now I got stuck with these settings... <property class="force0"> <property name="trigger" value="motor0"/> <property name="type" value="relative"/> <property name="force" value="0, .196, 0"/> <property name="ceiling" value="200, 280"/> </property> <property class="force1"> <property name="trigger" value="motor1"/> <property name="type" value="relative"/> <property name="force" value="0, 0,.01"/> </property> <property class="force2"> <property name="trigger" value="inputUp"/> <property name="type" value="relative"/> <property name="force" value="0, 0.03,0 "/> </property> <property class="force3"> <property name="trigger" value="inputStrafe"/> <property name="type" value="relativeTorque"/> <property name="force" value="0, .02, 0"/> </property> <property class="force4"> <property name="trigger" value="inputForward"/> <property name="type" value="relativeTorque"/> <property name="force" value=".01, 0, 0"/> </property> <!-- <property class="force5"> <property name="trigger" value="inputForward"/> <property name="type" value="relativeTorque"/> <property name="force" value=".01, 0, 0"/> </property> --> It works very well so far, but I have no way to lower the altitude. So, "C" doesn't bring it down. Got any idea how to bring this baby back down? Cheers! Berytak
  3. First of all I really love this Modlet. These vehicles are totally awesome! There is only one thing that really bugs me. Is there any to change the MD-500 controlls? I would prefer changing the hight with "Space" and "C" and tilting with "W" and "S". Is there any way to change this in the XML files? Cheers! Berytak
  4. ok, I solved the problem, it was the ♥♥♥♥ing firewall. Es war die kack Firewall Trotzdem vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!
  5. I'll give it a try on a different port and post the results. Maybe there is some ISP side stuff going on, I can't figure out... To change the port I just have to change the ControlPanelPort in the serverconfig.xml, am I right?
  6. We've tried the IP and URL, new IP from ISP ... nothing worked The strange thing is, that the port forwarding works. Joining the dedicated server works just fine. It also can't be a firewall problem, because LAN access work. Is it just the TCP port, that needs to be forwarded or does it also needs some UDP port? And what about the steam authentification? I think the communication comes from a client to the host and is than redirected to steam for authentificacion, isn't it? Maybe I should just change the port in the serverconfig.xml and give it a try on a different port...
  7. I'm running a dedi on my machine where some of my friends log in remotely and I've had the map available to everyone on the server. But since A13 external access is somehow blocked. The serverfixes itself just run fine, and the map also does. I can log into the map site just fine. It also works from another machine in my network with a different steam aco♥♥♥♥. All is good .... but ... If someone with the same permissions tries to access the site over WAN, the page could not be displayed. Same permission, the tcp port 8082 is forwarded, but still no access. Like I mentioned it before, this was working with A12.5, but since A13 it doesn't Does anyone got a clue, what I'm missing?
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