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  1. If bandits are proving so hard, why not let the community help out with the modelling, animations and coding? Surely there is some assets or source code that can be released, or some problem statement that we can help brainstorm around.
  2. Ah thanks... one of those /facepalm moments
  3. Hi, I'm trying to mod the probability for wild animals in entitygroups.xml, but getting errors for each line... "XML patch for "entitygroups.xml" from mod "..." did not apply: <set xpath="/entity_groups/entity_group[@name='WildGameForest"]/entity[@name='animalBoar']/@prob" etc. I tried switching "prob" to "value" but no difference. Maybe "prob" hasn't been implemented? <configs> <set xpath="/entity_groups/entity_group[@name='WildGameForest']/entity[@name='animalBoar']/@prob">10</set> <set xpath="/entity_groups/entity_group[@name='WildGameForest']/entity[@name='animalStag']/@prob">10</set> <set xpath="/entity_groups/entity_group[@name='WildGameForest']/entity[@name='animalDoe']/@prob">10</set> <set xpath="/entity_groups/entity_group[@name='WildGameForest']/entity[@name='animalWolf']/@prob">10</set> </configs>
  4. I do like it and the direction. If it's too easy the game becomes boring and non-challenging very quickly and I wouldn't want that. If it's too hard it can become frustrating but that hasn't been my experience so far (I'm on day 22). Hunger is proving a real challenge and finding myself spending more time hunting for animals (which are scarce). The loot table is nicely random and I find myself using different armor/weapons. I got lucky with a purple stone axe and brought a green AK47 off a trader so I'm guessing some people are not exploiting all the aspects of the game - and traders/quests can fill in loot drop gaps well. Love the idea of random encounters dropping better loot. I would imagine BANDITS (shameless reminder) and their leader will have good quality drops for their difficulty.
  5. JasonX

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Anyone having issues with the chicken coop? Placed it on the ground but cannot put animal seed into it.
  6. JasonX

    A16 Valmod Pack

    HI all, I'm trying to craft the new wooden stairs with railing... but it shows a white hammer icon in the crafting menu (which seems to be mean I know how to make it)... ... but there is no "Craft" button. I've tried to make it on my person, in the workbench, with a claw hammer in my hand. Nothing works. Same goes for the redwood block.
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