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  1. @Khalagar i gotta give Lathan a little slack. As streaming with the boss and 1000 peeps watching. I'd have a river of sweat out the door lol If it needs adjustment itll be done.
  2. Lol yeap im busted. Im into WW2 history bigtime. Strap 4 m60s onto a office chair and bam lol
  3. Pretty happy with Stream. Candy is amazing by the looks. Wedge tip stuff ill adapte , use my old design of 1 block high wall to zombies jumping like at a Rav party lol Be great to see later on a Base human controlled turret. That the player sits in. Looks like this. Late game for mutant hordes
  4. Ive used the turret on 1 play through, agree it needs tweaking. Just scrap for ammo...... no gun powder. Yet Blunderbuss ammo needs more mats. Just my thoughts.
  5. Im all for different play styles, hell i do different each Alpha to try them out. Im just looking for a balance to looting/crafting. Im happy with everything else ( that i know off ) . Even the changes to food/water drain while driving. When i bought a Alpha game, i understood that A14 wasn't how the game would be by gold. I think people may lose sight of that idk. I'll be disappointed if they don't add a middle mouse attack with spiked knuckles to "Knuckle Rub" a Demo lol
  6. Im no loot re , no air drops , 1/2 xp , hour days. Thats long grind for me. I die, restart.
  7. I dont. Im pointing something out Poi resets loot. So respawns
  8. Ok default. Trader quest daily, spawn reset. All im saying
  9. Yea compared to someone who perks into lucky looter with daily respawn ....
  10. Lighting says it all. Pic came from @Capp00 on twitter so if it wrong blame him lol
  11. Yea i play perma death with1/2xp on 60min days.
  12. Well what if your not a looter. Your screwed over basically. 4 days out of 7 im around the my base.
  13. Well why can't players craft T6 and gun part's. Or the devs just favour the impatient player base? By doing that it levels the scales. Sorry if this has been answered before, i take breaks from soical media and forms for my own health lol
  14. @Khalagar you and i agree and have the same play style. I only play S.P so i can get all the mats togeather, spawn in a T6 and throw the mats away.... but thats bs really. Heaven help M.P then when you can spawn in gear.
  15. To any Dev. Is crafting of weapons going to be adjusted. At the moment i only craft may 1 or 2 level 5 weapons per game. With looting allowing to find T6 makes crafting your own for use pointless. Thus perk point useless for the crafting side of it.
  16. Yea im sure they do, if i remember correctly.
  17. I take my hat off. Boe looks amazing. I thought that current look for z's was great, hold my beer i raise you this. 😀
  18. Ill have to catch the youtube upload. Twitch is a terrible streaming service for clear resolution. @Roland when will it be up ya think?
  19. Fantastic to see Devs replying, Pimps aren't like any AAA scumbags
  20. @madmole .Im really looking forward to the health/food/drink changes. With farming etc to lession food in the game i assume it will take longer to grow seeds? Or still undecided, or not saying lol?
  21. Youtubers get so touchy when they say going mining and i reply "gamma mining, your full" . Then try to have a gameplay discussion about how its taking away from the experience. I just give up and don't watch again. Plenty of up and coming people that are not " youtube fame " gone to there head.
  22. No white washed colours , can't wait 😀
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