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  1. Yes im in the same boat with all the people waiting for bandits , but take a second and reflect on the road the game has travelled.... my most played and favourite game period. A16 , did i ever imagine their would be junk turrets etc , nope. Hd upgrade etc etc ....
  2. TFP are doing a fantastic job adding content with each Alpha..... and yet its not enough for some. Unbelievable.
  3. Well waiting for stable lol. Day 12 , winter biome, heading to trader and ran into Dire wolf. Started running ...... right into cougar. What happened next is not fit for the internet lol. 1st time ived died in ages, not sure if early A18 or A17.
  4. Agree. Was stupid tbh. Max out everything by day 2. That was a challenge..... not. Then muppets got up in arms about it, even added back into some mods. So riveting gameplay.
  5. Well excuse me if im not a forum bar fly and dont see everything.....
  6. Yea makes no sense to me. All assets in game should be able to be crafted imo. Id just workout how much cement it is per block and spawn them in and throw the mats away.
  7. @STyK_ i started Australian difficulty: Permadeath, 25% loot,xp. No air drops , no respawn loot Yeap those that think the games to easy try this. Loving it. Near starved on day 3. Day 4 at the moment, level 3.
  8. @STyK_ yeap all good, meant nothing by it , just comfirming thats how i roll 😀
  9. Lol ive played insane , 3k hrs in game so demo's are nothin @STyK_ i play perma death too
  10. Ive done 200 odd day game before. But not set up like this though. Every poi will be looted. A small base in each town/city. Might do a few different horde bases too.
  11. Survivalist or Warrior. Which difficulty does 100% player damage without zombies being hitpoint tanks? Eek its nomad. Feels to easy tbh @madmoleim hoping that A20 sliders are added so i can turn up Zombie damage, leave player damage the same, increase roaming horde size to say 30 for example, increase frequency etc. More option would be fantastic.
  12. Plan for stable 19. 8k map. Minimum settings for xp, loot. No air drops nor loot respawn with 60min days. 1 game for the entire Alpha. Please no stable breaking update lol.
  13. Well after spending a week away from the forum, thats how it reads to me. All im saying
  14. I embrace the game as is, bugs etc and all. This is my game through and through. I sit back in wonder of how far the game has come. I dont sit here with a sense of entitlement demanding the game to be changed to how "I" want it. Just play the game or make your own.
  15. @madmole just a quick question, zombie bears on horde night. Wondering why its not a thing?
  16. Yea i agree its all RnG. Idk throwing ideas out into the ether. 2 hrs away from 3k ingame. I thought i was already there lol The lower teir pipe pistols etc will change it all again.
  17. After doing 2 runs to day 21. Ive unlocked weapon perk to craft level 5 pistol and struggled to get the parts. 2nd run i just got the 12 and looted a level 5 pistol. I think you have crafting back to front. Level 1 and 2 weapons should be lootable nothing higher. Then increase parts to make a weapon, and be able to craft level 6. Which players would have to continue looting to get the best weapons, via crafting though.
  18. Its fine mate. These complainers are just upset that you can't power loot anymore. Im loving earning items.
  19. Well my 2 cents, animal spawns shouldn't have been changed.
  20. 34th day ( hour long ) Havent had a bug, glitch etc. Running over 60fps the whole time. I hope nothing is nerfed once stable etc. For example if food/water and stamina is nerfed ill have to go back to b157. The perks and coffee etc are meaningful finally. Its not just level up , perk point into attacking perks etc. A19 is perfect imo. Thank you Pimps.
  21. You do realise zombies don't target "open" doors. And the topic is wedge tips , really .... Just watch Z nations A18 lets play, and wedge tips are the community's concern...
  22. Open door exploit is more important imo. When your base can be built above open doors without ever being damaged by zombies.
  23. Nothing wrong with food, drink, stamina. Its relevant for the first time in ages and the whiners are out in force. You had stamina without a problem swinging a tool like Arnold, now its real. Deal.
  24. 3000 hrs and counting in game

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