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  1. I personally think the stamina change is for the better. Im aware of it now , not since A14 i think
  2. @Laz ManNo Ben picture in Church? Shame lol
  3. @faatal You "fixed" wedge tips , which i personal disagree with, just saying. But what happened to fixing bases that are built above doors , that when the door is open the ai doesn't target the doors and just wonders around? On the plus side, what a update. Everything is better. Brightness change from gamma and stone age loot is my favourite. Thanks Fun Pimps
  4. Love the stone age loot now. No complaints about anything so far. Thanks TFPs for another fantastic update.
  5. Mine is nearly the same. Every 2 blocks out from tower ive put a 1 block high wall all around, 4 times. Jumping Z's to slow them down.
  6. On whos authority are you the fun police. If your not using it why ask for it to be nerf'd. Play your own way
  7. Wow , look at this fantastic muture use of larger font to get your message across. Hats of mate, hats of .......
  8. I can't believe jerky isn't in the game tbh. Thankfully its in Ravenhearst
  9. Carrot then 🤣🤣. Idk i tried lol
  10. Yes NSW Australia here so 8.50pm. If released id download and all nighter it
  11. Thats a pc only option i think. Thanks though , i know where to go
  12. I wish i had the ability to mute accounts from the feed.
  13. I read everything but cant find Armour effective resistance notes. I give up
  14. Noob question lol. On armour , effictive resistance? What is the reffering to, like stopping criticals and infection is what im thinking it is.
  15. There ya go Gazz , pre record and pass onto Lathan. Get amongst it mate lol
  16. Well yes i understand lol I stopped playing A18 2 weeks ago and been rewatching The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. A19 im soooooo ready.
  17. I don't like you anymore 🤣🤣. Cool though
  18. Yea story of 1 was fantastic. Im hoping 7 days has voice cut scenes like Fallout to draw you in. Voice over text on notes etc is way better. Makes a game come alive with personality. With whats added when talking to the traders is what im on about
  19. After Cyberpunk was delayed again im hoping A19 isn't. 7 days is my favourite game of all time at this point. Not sure if I've passed Panzer General as no hours played recorded. So many games being launched and im like meh. Don't start me on Last of us 2...... Drone name is Ted
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