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  1. I believe the general point is games that never actually come out. Its been over 6 years, at what point is it okay to expect a final product delivery date?
  2. When is the game leaving Alpha/Early Access? I ask because of the comments about a certain youtube video struck a nerve with me: https://youtu.be/2sFrG02xpAw?t=968 I agree with the majority of the videos comments, but man it sucked to see 7d2d highlighted as an example of a buggy mess of an early access game. I purchased this game in February of 2014 with at the time only one other individual. We both saw promising game in development and were very excited even with the bugs. That person and I returned later both bought the game for another player and the 4 of us played a ton, I do not recall which patch, but we had motorbikes(only), they were built with parts, and all items were up to level 500-600 (or I believe?) with each tier color changing at specific intervals). Crafting mutilples improved the skill. There was an awesome POI hotel in the desert that was a blast to loot, fortify, modify, and completely change, into our base of operations. Vendors were lackluster. And we had spikes that could be placed down used to destroy legs of zombies falling into a pit. And at the time, the super zombie we all called Mr. @%$*#!(since his body always seemed to die similar to the guys in doom - @%$*#! out). We played for about 2 months all four of us enjoyed it, and said man I cannot wait for them to release/finish this game. I returned again recently(6-7 months ago), this time with 2 new players, my wife and son. The game had changed in a lot of noticeable ways but honestly, the graphics(rather their performance) didn't improve while my computer had massively since. I may not agree with a ton of the changes, but I found the majority of them were oh so amazing. I want to acknowledge a few of those. The feedback loop, you guys did a top notch job on the quests, refreshing POIs, and giving me something to do X to get Y where Y was loot that improved my ability to accomplish X. The quest system feedback loop was an amazing thing! I do have a few "gripes" about it: Stale quests options(but while the options were stale, the adventures I was sent on was always a unique and enjoyable experience, the best loot only came from quests(at least for me I only received purple quality items from quests, even with lucky looter and googles it was extremely rare), optimal play required me to ignore your "POI flow"(Which is a god damn shame! Ill explain below) And I discovered something else, I found something while exploring some familiar POIs, they were changed slightly. They and all other new POIs I found, told me a story. I don't know what you guys call it internally, but I called it the "POI flow". There was a path of least resistance that brought you to the "loot room". I generally would have you pass by every zombie on the way, bring you through minor restock/aid areas, and have loot scattered about. It was awesome discovering and exploring trying to follow your "flow". Looking around for an indicator of some sort, a lamp, or a hole or something to try to hint the way I could go without breaking walls down. Fantastic!!! The developers did something here that was unexpected and too good for this game honestly. You sold me the environment, dark souls style. You didn't hold my hand but you didn't abandon me. And you left me the option to do it my own way too. Bravo! The only issues I had with this patch(aside from almost no performance improvements), was the inability to craft the best tier of items, instead forced to refresh via quests POIs where I would after learning the POI, never follow that amazing flow you had for me. I could go straight to that "loot room" on a refreshed POI, get the good stuff, then look for the satchel by blowing up every wall in my way. To rinse and repeat. It's probably asking a @%$*#! ton of the developers, but if you could make these be dynamic or have different possible (2 for small, 3+ for the medium/large POIS) layouts for each POI, you would be doing your game and it's players a great service. The final tier quests that asked me to clear the POI, like the hospital or the shamfactory, were a joke. You asked for way too much ammo to complete these. While I felt like I received tiered weapons more often from these, it was way more beneficial to complete the satchel recovery missions and loot the "loot room" from the POI. As someone who believed in this game early, followed it through different development iterations, and overall has had a pleasant time with the game so far, will we receive a timeline on when the game is "finished"?
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