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  1. 11 hours ago, Normal69 said:

    Some things we discovered while playing:

    In the trader POI where the walls are from thick pointy logs the guards are shooting mainly the tips of those logs before them. Perhaps a quick fix to place guards on the top of the fences instead behind them?

    If we scrap any guns we get scrap metal only - where could they be disassembled to parts?

    What do you think about night vision as a helmet-mod instead of an eyeglass-slot item?

    Muscle car gets damaged when hitting and running over zombies. Doesn't seems to be immersive. (I feel a mecha-spider is out of the question?)

    Perhaps a bigger (like big forge) storage with a bigger inventory? I've heard you grumble over it, a quality of life furniture?


    Guards don't shoot at predatory animals - we had some hilarous moments when a bear was waiting for our soldier inside his trader-base. :D

    Plus he has Meatloaf, a tame direwolf, which can be bribed with meat to accompany him - but it just stands there, taking hits. Please fix if you can, I dream of a cow-army!

    (we have a honest builder, and I am the homeless hobo)


    Playing, watching, testing.

    1) Guards are already planned to be removed.
    2) That's intended since the parts are made from steel.
    3) Actually already done it for the next major version.
    4) All vehicles do. That's the way the game works. Not a lot I can do about it.
    5) Look up lockable storage.

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  2. 7 hours ago, KingSlayerGM said:

    Version 0.7.0 released!

    Here is what's new:

    • Added biomes/mountains spacing option
    • Biomes are now slightly larger with larger maps
    • Added option to save png heightmaps
    • Added support for 8-bit heightmaps import
    • Biomes creation optimizations
    • Preview rendering optimizations
    • Fixed bug with roads
    • Added compatibility with Darkness Falls (to be verified)

    Woke up late. Will be testing DF compatibility tonight.

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  3. 9 hours ago, OG_BileOne said:

    Okay, so totally a noob question here but I can't seem to get this right. I have a Server with Nitrado. I created the MODS directory, and downloaded the server zip file: darknessfallsa19server-master.zip. I use the launcher. I see my server when joining a game, the MOD Client is 19.4 but I think the server files are 19 because when the client gets to Creating Player it crashes and stops on "ERR NCSimple_Deserializer (CH=0): EndOfStreamException: Attempted to read past the end of the stream", and goes nowhere from there. My fr8iend can do a local server and I can connect to him and we can play forever "Mostly" until LAG kills me. But we wanted to play Darkness Falls on our own server. 


    So I did copy over the MODS from the Server file to the MODS folder on my server. I do see in the server data files, that there are some dll files, do those also need to be transferred to the "7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed" folder? Such as 0Harmony.dll etc..? I could use some help if anyone is willing to assist.



    You need to upload ALL the folders contained in the zip file. So yes, that means you need 7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed


    8 hours ago, fearreaper said:

    does any else have the problem they dont have sound anymore in game after playing it a couple times. Does anyone know how to fix that



    I did, but that was a general system issue rather than DF specific.

  4. Basically folks were putting a block of water down and then just using that to keep constantly refilling their farms instead of using the rain catcher. I believe it was also being used to make huge bases full of water for anti-demon stuff.

    You can sort-of still do that with the working sink, just takes more effort.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Roland said:

    I have occasionally flirted with the idea of throwing my hat in the ring in the world of streaming but then I remember that @unholyjoe is always out there poised to come at me and I let the thought go with a shudder and a strong feeling of having dodged a bullet.


    Also, "um" would be my go to word all the time and @Guppycur is always ready to count how many times that gets uttered....



    I would absolutely abuse you with the twitch integration. ;)

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Nuellsz said:

    Quick Question


    Does the portal inside the bunker respawn?


    nonetheless absolutely beast of a mod. Loved it, been playing it a lot ever since.

    It does not. The ones that spawn out in the wilderness do though (and spawn tougher enemies!)

    9 minutes ago, SrslyGTFO said:

    I think you need to go make your own mod. You clearly have no respect for the work put into this one. Until you actually do something this extensive, you have no business coming in here and whining about anything. You don't even understand how certain features may not work when new alphas are released. 


    This is you right now: "Waaaaahhhh, a feature I liked two alphas ago isn't here, put it back now! I don't like this new feature, take it out! Do what I say, because despite never creating anything, I know better! Waaaahahhhhh!"


    Don't like the hazmat armor mods? How about you make a DF mod that removes them from crafting and stop crying about it? Can't do it? How about you IGNORE THEM?

    He's done something similiar in the War of the Walkers thread too. Haven't checked RH, but I can't see Jax standing for that tbh. ;)

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  7. Apparently my last thread was deleted, probably in the forum transition because it was quite old, but I'm going to blame Roland anyways (love you really, Roland!).


    About Me.


    For those who don't know me, I'm Khaine, in my 40's, living in england and I make mods for 7 Days to Die, specifically Darkness Falls, Romero Mod and several modlets. I have 2 jobs that are work-from-home and decided it would be interesting to try and make some youtube videos since I just don't have the time to hold down a regular streaming schedule.


    About The Channel.


    There's very clearly something wrong with me, and I seem to enjoy playing games that will cause me mental (and possibly physical) pain. Modded 7 Days to Die will be the primary focus, specifically Darkness Falls as it would seem that sick people want to see me be punished by my own creation. Any other games will likely be survival, strategy, RPG or roguelike. So you can expect lots and lots of pain. 

    Schedule for new episodes will be 7pm UK time, Monday to Friday. I tend to bulk record and edit on weekends, so please bear this in mind if you give suggestions and I don't seem to be following them.


    The Content.


    This will be updated with links to playlists of my currently on-going series.


    7 Days to Die A19.4 - Darkness Falls.

    Darkest Dungeon.

    Other Links.

    You can also get hold of me on twitter @KhainesKorner (don't want to link it because apparently the forum wants to load a ton of tweets)

    And you can find me on Twitch under KhainesKorner on the few times that I actually DO stream (usually working on the mod or testing things)

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  8. Have I played the mod at all?

    Oh... I don't know... MAYBE I'M DOING A YOUTUBE SERIES ON IT???


    Look User.

    All you do is come here and complain. All you do in other mod creator threads is go there and complain.

    Go away. Your complaints are not valid. You're an idiot.

    At NO POINT IN THE MOD'S LIFE have you ever NEEDED to hunt demons. Ever. They're an end game threat. That's it. You can go to caitlin or the big lab, get your workbench and forge, and you're done.

    You've NEVER NEEDED to hunt demons. EVER.

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