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  1. Once I had a college jacket and high performance running shoes, I went to padded armor from scrap armor and even stopped using my minibike. Only hassle I had was doing a BM on foot running around I ended up with a broken leg from an (un)lucky hit and realized I had no splint to even make it to somewhere to survive and got eaten. Thinking maybe heavier armor might have made that survivable (if it might have prevented the broken leg), but it was my mistake for not having a good escape plan (like maybe parking a minibike nearby or even just remembering to bring a splint). I imagine
  2. Here you go: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?95007-Qyzer-s-Xpath-Mods "Qyzer_Remove_Perk_Level_Requirements" -Been at it since A16 :-) You should be looking here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?61-Mods for that sort of thing.
  3. There is also modding: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?95007-Qyzer-s-Xpath-Mods see "Remove Player Level Requirements" That said, my daughter and I do use creative mode when we PvP so we don't have to deal with a lot of the "gates" you mentioned when all we want to do is destroy towns while we attempt to annihilate one another.
  4. I'm sorry, but that's just patently false. NO ONE here acts like level gates are the only gates in the game. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?71414-All-the-gates&highlight=gates You all are a victim of your own success. We all think you are good enough to solve all of them. Yes, even the ones that directly contradict one another.
  5. My preferred style of play is: No air drops, no loot respawn, but it admittedly only works well when it's a solo game or just the wife and I playing. There are certainly more options than that. Perfect may be the enemy of best and all, but I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of ideas. That said, my builder appreciated that she didn't have to go out and kill a dozen more levels worth of zombies to be able to make a forge for us. I made the fighter (and tank), she made the crafter (and shooter). I build, she makes the blocks. We explore, she makes the gear. I tank, sh
  6. They didn't really give them a try, they removed them, didn't change perk cost or levels much at all, then threw their hands up and said "see, told ya they don't work." Agreed, but having a point system and level gates is pointless (pun maybe intended :-) ). I KNOW the designers here aren't lazy (their other results speak well for their hard work and devotion), but they aren't using half the potential of their point system. Progression generally means working towards something. Working towards the forge, earning the points listed that it costs, but having to go do other things, ju
  7. Guns are the new scrap loot and my main source of mechanical parts and ammo. They would be everywhere in the setting anyway (Arizona) so it feels right to me as well. Past the first 10 or so levels I scrap 90% of them. Mods are the new guns. Guns need some adjustments but I like that they are everywhere. My favorite pistol now has a silencer, extended mag, and burst- fire, though I still carry a bow or crossbow (needs work too) as well.
  8. While I find a stack of ladders generally more useful than nerdpoling, if nerdpoling were to go away it would be nice to have a rope and grapple of some kind to replace it. As it is most of my nerdpoling is done during base construction anyway.
  9. Did a quick creative tour on the most recent version and driving the armored car through the center of the map was a blast. Gives us something to aim for as the wife and I play a new game of it. Thanks for all your work on the mod!
  10. I'd be working on my mods now if I had access to the XMLs. Even knowing the XMLs will change from now until then, it would still be awesome to be able to start (though the share of the buffs system was awesome and helps conceptually). There are tons of things I'm loving about A17, but I know that there are some areas where I totally disagree with the designers and I will (and have in the past) modded things more to my liking. Unless someone beats me to it, I'll be creating at least one mod that removes the traders and puts in the quests some other way, if possible. I too mostly
  11. Wow, now I can start working on my mods for A17. Thanks Kinyajuu et al at TFP!
  12. Generally agreed. I have logged into new servers in the middle of horde night because I forgot to check the time. But yeah, I'd like the first one to be random, but probably not before your day 3 idea :-) If it were up to me (and I hope to at least mod it to try it some time) I'd go with 3-10 days for the first one and then something like a random 2-14 days after that for each one thereafter.
  13. What is the groan equivalent to ROFL and LOL? ROFG and GOL? I'd like to see it eventually as: Attack (short/quick button press), Power Attack (Long Press with variable power based on how long), and Block (other button press) and mappable to right or left mouse button as desired I would.... well kill is the wrong word... but I'd slay zombies for this! Though I'd like the first day to be random as well. I'm REALLY hoping this can be modded somehow without resorting to just putting in "fixed" random days in the xml and trying not to remember what I put.
  14. Yes, because I will be able to again mod the game to the preferences of my family and to play the mods other people have worked on with what appears to be even more options (new buff system, new stuff, new pois, etc...) I've found a few acres of spikes around any base tends to handle any horde. So a base of wood frames would probably work. If TFP have figured out how to deal with this, I will be more than happy to adjust my strategy for protecting my crafting base. Though I sometimes don't bother and just deal with all hordes by going out and dealing with them as they arrive. I h
  15. I'm really liking the idea of a long press on the attack button for power attacks that was mentioned earlier. That said, I would think we can remap things back to our normal (like we can now). At 2500+ hours in the game with my own custom setup, I'd hate to have to learn something else too different.
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