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  1. I still have the assets for the generators and tanker car as well as sewer cap I believe. I would need to find them and update it with the newer Unity. if theirs enough interest i can see about doing it.
  2. Steam Name Kaiser or brianc502, lots of kaisers Hours played listed 717, doesn't count the hundreds put into modding and running experimental servers and running from mod folder not getting credit by steam would say over 1,700hrs since A14 Discord Kaiser#0452 Native English, Live in Fl but still speak English, rare yes I know. Retired so no work at home job either. ran servers on bluefang and personal, blufang over a year and half.
  3. Night of the Comet, what a great 80's Zombish movie.
  4. go to you nitrogen resources folder and open the configprefablist.txt edit like so, //listing of prefabslists //lists must be present in the resources folder //filename ; description prefablist.txt; Vanilla (default) prefablist_CompoPack42_b5.txt; Compo Pack 42 prefablist_Combopack_43.txt; Compo Pack 43 This is the edited line. Just add any combo pack or prefablist you want to this list like this line. ensure you add the Combopack_43.txt to this directory as well. the file above with the edit txt line tells nitrogen where to load the prefablist from. So the prefablist you get in the conmbo pack will be copied to the resources directory in nitrogen, then edit the last line like shown. Run nitrogen and you will see the option for combo43. I renamed mine to make it shorter. So if you copy the prefablist from the combo pack make sure when you add the line in the configprefab txt you write it exactly as the combo pack prefablist is named.
  5. You edit the txt file in nigirgen to use combopack 43. Thats what i did and made a 10k map with 43, works without issue. also ussing several modlets with no issues.
  6. I have the game on steam, bought 3 copies for family as well as buying the PS 4 version, I know have the t shirt to prove it.
  7. Very Well said my friend From JaxTeller718 I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this forum does NOT represent the feelings of the general 7 Days player. Not by a long shot. While our presence here does in fact mean we are MORE informed than the casual player, it doesn't mean we speak for them. Just have a look at the Facebook for the game, or the Twitter responses. Most people know nothing of xml, or how optimisations are happening. They just load vanilla and have at it. There are more than a few who do not even KNOW mods exist, likewise since I run my mod from Discord now there are players coming in from streams who got the launcher from a link in a stream who do not even know this place exists. That may seem incredible, but I kid you not. I have had to direct more than a few new players to my mod to the forum. To say that just because we are here, our opinions are more important is placing an inflated value on this community, which is not fair to the general public. I would go so far as to say that they have realized this which is why we only get to see "under the hood" discussions with devs here, while other places get the fancy previews. The general public by and large aren't typically interested in discussions on how reworking the rwg is increasing performances, or test videos on cone damage etc. They just want to see the cool stuff. How many times has MM or someone else got caught up in a heated discussion here that influenced a game decision in a negative way? Perhaps they just decided to refocus that energy on ACTUALLY making the game they set out to make without the distractions, which is their right to do. I used to think that this was THE only place devs should be interacting. And I over reacted several times not because the devs placed this burden on me to cause me to believe I was entitled to anything more than the outside world, but because I unfairly placed that burden on MYSELF and expected Pimps to live up to that burden. Everyone who plays loves. Why confine that common bond to JUST here? Sometimes the best way to get something done is to DISENGAGE and just get done what you want to get done.
  8. Kaiser502

    A16 Valmod Pack

    did u get it working
  9. Hey jax I added a more refined texture to the radiated rail car, same DL as the original. If you use it just replace org file all names are same. Saved in an additional folder so org and new one there. [ATTACH=CONFIG]23426[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]23427[/ATTACH] https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?41039-Sdx-mods bleded endcaps and made it more rustic, rusted the wheels, added leakage to top for spill over to match particle effect, blended gasmask symbol
  10. Yes the Sewer is Sewercap Added video 11/28/2017 retextured added leakage to both sides blood rusted the wheels blended fron/back biohazrd to better fit rust blended gasmask symbol to background. added asset with new folder. if you you replace old names are same
  11. T THEN LOVE THIS TOO can use as sewer cap or put on top of block and under water to let the zombie fog vap off of it. I have mine set for loot replacing trashpile on roads. P.S same DL link for sewer cap and rail car
  12. Ladies and Gents I give you the cuase of the end of days Here is the link to the asset https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uSXEAieho7FZobL3VYesGtQ3cWAk3n8P?usp=sharing
  13. Kaiser502

    A16 Valmod Pack

    it should level up the more you make I believe
  14. I thought the devs baked in the 7 day horde on 16.4 or even 16+
  15. Belt Ya I trimed the buckles off the belt in valsmod to make it look cleaner and bring in the kill/Level counter. I also mabe the Level counter the same color as the xp bar so no mistaking what the little icon is for
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