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  1. On 12/11/2020 at 12:37 PM, CrazyAluminum said:

    "Key,English" format is easier and better, because you don't have to write a lot of useless text you skip anyway

    This is an understatement of the vanilla format of localization.txt file. This is the same as if you said that you don't need a manual to assemble a chair from the parts, then you throw out some of the parts because you have no idea where they are supposed to go and as soon as you sit on it, it breaks.


    Going with the simple format is neither easier nor better. Just because it seems to work even if you throw out some part of it doesn't mean that it's better, it just means that you don't understand the purpose of the part that you just threw out and you still might need it later.


    Besides, what might seem as easier to you may seem more confusing to others who don't really know what are they doing, because they are still learning their way through this. Some people prefer a simple solution that would allow them to quickly copy and paste the lines they already have at their disposal (in vanilla file) and make some changes to them to repurpose them for their mod rather than trying to write their own lines from scratch, not really knowing how to do it correctly.


    Ultimately, people first need to learn the vanilla format to understand how it works and how to do some changes to it safely without breaking it and this little guide is for them.


    The knowledge how to simplify it comes along with it automatically, if they ever wanted to go that way.

  2. On 12/5/2020 at 8:07 PM, Nomadikhan said:

    It may be worth putting in your OP that you need that first line that defines the table else it doesn't function when pushed.


    It's already there in the rule number 1 with an example. I'm sorry, but I can't think of any better way how to explain it...

    On 9/5/2020 at 9:35 AM, mr.devolver said:

    1. First line of Localization.txt is always the table header




    On 12/9/2020 at 12:00 PM, CrazyAluminum said:

    Can you update your guide and add the "Key,English" way?

    I am aware of the flexibility of the format of this file, but this was meant to be a short guide for beginners to teach the players how to format their first basic localization.txt file and how to make one quickly with as few errors as possible. The reason why I'm encouraging them to stick with the vanilla format is simply that there's always an example in vanilla localization.txt file, so if they ever get stuck, they could simply check out the vanilla file again, but if they decide to go with their custom format, they will be on their own with no example they could follow. Therefore adding something like this may be counter-productive. As you can see, some people find it difficult to even understand the vanilla format. If I added another option to the guide, they could be confused even more and make more mistakes.

  3. On 11/8/2020 at 11:38 AM, Lyssabet said:


    I found a fishing trap in a random trash pile.  When I clicked on it in my inventory, the console immediately spammed a divide by zero error message repeatedly for around a minute without stopping.  I noticed that the icon for the fishing trap did not show a number.  I clicked on a different item in the inventory which was selected and displayed correctly, then clicked on the fishing trap again and it resulted in the same divide by zero error message loop.  I exited out of 7 Days back to the desktop and then restarted it, reloaded the game world, and tried again to receive the same error loop when I selected the fishing trap.  At that point I checked in the xml files to try to assess what may be causing it.  I noticed that there was both an economic value of 0 and an economic bundle size of 0 for the fishing trap, which from what I recall was the only item in item.xml with both of those settings set to 0.  I figured that it was probably trying to assess the value of the stack (of 1 fishing trap) when I selected it and so it was likely trying to use either of those values in its calculations.  I tested setting the economic bundle size to 1 first, saved, restarted 7 Days, reloaded the game world, and was then able to select the fishing trap without being spammed with the divide by zero error messages.


    Since the value of the fishing trap is set to 0, which means that it technically has no sell price, it shouldn't make any significant changes trader-wise to set the economic bundle size to 1; it's not like it's the same as the stack value.


    You know, some of the properties are pretty tricky. This item is not added to the trader's stock, it's not set to be sellable to trader either which means there's no point for it to have any value in the first place. On the other hand, it's weird that vanilla game (assuming you have no other mods installed?) would complain about these values set to zero if it doesn't need to process them in the first place, so do you have any other mods installed by any chance? Maybe there's some sort of conflict there. I guess if I just removed these values altogether it should work, assuming the game doesn't need them for any other calculation that is.


    As for the property itself, this is the official information that we have available:


    "EconomicBundleSize" :
    Was put in because the coder did not want a float there. =)
    A trader will trade this many items as the smallest bundle. You won't be able to sell a single small rock.
    The "EconomicValue" applies to the bundle.

    In other words, since this item can't be sold to the trader anyway, it should be safe to remove it together with its economic value. I will run some tests on this issue on my end and see where this goes, then again I didn't want to make any significant changes to the original code, but if something got changed in the vanilla game and the way this mod used to work doesn't work anymore, there will be no other way if we want to make it work in the current version of the game...

  4. 20 hours ago, Lyssabet said:

    Reporting an issue with the Fishing Trap for the Alpha 19 version which is resulting in a Divide by Zero error if the fishing trap is selected while in the Inventory window:


    In items.xml, under the fishTrapItem, the line which reads:

    <property value="0" name="EconomicBundleSize"/>

    Needs to be changed to:


    <property value="1" name="EconomicBundleSize"/>



    Hey, thanks for report! I was unable to reproduce this problem on a clean game copy with only this mod installed. Could you please describe in detail how to reproduce this bug? Thanks in advance.

  5. On 10/31/2020 at 8:26 AM, Gazz said:

    Different games do set boni differently.

    This might be about a product called Boni-Whip. It's said that even on very low frequencies the Boni-Whip produces very good reception results...


    For anyone wondering, we're talking about active wideband antenna 20kHz - 300MHz... ;)


  6. @Subquake, congrats on the release! Good job. This is the very first time I tried Undead Legacy (I never played it in previous Alphas). I've been playing it for hours now and it's cool. Kinda feels like old Alphas, except with some new, advanced features and modern look. The gameplay isn't as easy as vanilla, but I think it's reasonably challenging, not too challenging like some other overhauls with absurdly crazy difficulty lol. I feel like it's more or less what most of us average players expect from the game and I like it.


    If you ever added NPC survivors and some story, that would make it perfect lol.

  7. 21 hours ago, Roland said:

    If scheduling is proving so hard, why not let the community help out with the baby sitting, errand running, and cleaning? Surely there is some calendar or spreadsheet that can be released, or some projected date that we can help brainstorm around.

    Guys, we heard a man of his word. Roland is the first volunteer...

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  8. 15 hours ago, Quicksilver said:

    Do you mean quotation marks? I used commas and quotation marks but I did not understand how the header list related to the body lines.


    This is explained in OP:

    On 9/5/2020 at 9:35 AM, mr.devolver said:

    Think of the content of Localization.txt as if it was the content of a table. As long as you stick to the vanilla format and follow its rules, you should be fine. Always try to match the vanilla format whenever possible.


    Your original table didn't work, because the body of the table didn't match the header. It's really that simple, I can't really think of any other way to explain it to you...


    Again, it's a table with columns and rows, so naturally the body of the table must match the header, not only in sense of the meaning of individual entries, but also in number of entries. The latter is done using commas which are there to let the game know that it's a new entry in the table. If you need to use a comma inside the entry, you have to mark the start and end of the entry with quotation marks like so: "<TABLE ENTRY GOES HERE>", because any comma outside quotation marks is considered a delimiter between table entries.


    Your new table is also wrong as it's contains a comma after english and the entry with the perkLightArmorRank1LongDesc key also ends with a comma. Why did you leave those commas there? It's unnecessary and doesn't match the vanilla format.

    On 9/5/2020 at 9:35 AM, mr.devolver said:

    Always try to match the vanilla format whenever possible.


    I can't stress this enough. You may think that if it works, it doesn't need fixing, but then you will run into other issues if you ignore the way vanilla file is constructed and you will have no clue what went wrong again...

  9. 14 minutes ago, kattenijin said:

    @Dre You need to use the pitchfork to feed the animals, then after a few days they will be ready to harvest.

    Dude, what kind of advice is this? You're telling him to feed them using a pitchfork, but he said, he can't even place them down in the first place...

  10. You are most likely using newer version of Unity than the game itself, so you might want to check out the output.log to see the exact version. Alternatively check out this guide. It may not point you to the most current version, but at the very least, it's one that was already tested and accepted by the game.

  11. On 10/10/2020 at 10:36 AM, Khanatox said:

    It seems that the textures don't show up.


    Any idea how to fix it?






    Actually, when you think about it, it's actually a pretty simplistic UI. I kinda like it lol

  12. 55 minutes ago, Telric said:

    Yup exactly. None of the quests are absolutely required to be completed, so you don't need to lose sleep over it. I had to make it atleast a little tough lol..  I did add the particle effect that will hopefully catch your attention, which is pretty visible at night. Hopefully you wont cheat when i finish this mod up.. its a long way off, but its very quest heavy and RPG feeling. I have a bit done, but i'm reworking just about every aspect of vanilla.. so it will take me a while.

    Yeah, I guess we are not really going anywhere in this craziness all over the world, so no need to rush, we will be here when it's done. :)


    I will certainly avoid cheating. I know it required insane amount of work and effort to make it happen, so I want to enjoy every last bit of it properly. :)

  13. 37 minutes ago, Telric said:

    It's in the farm somewhere. It is quite hard to spot, but it helps if you do the quest at night.

    I was frustrated when I was looking for it, BUT then I realized I could look it up in cheat menu - NOT TO CHEAT, just to see what does it look like, so that I would know what am I supposed to be looking for. It really helped me and then I found it in the farm the proper way. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and I was glad that I resisted and didn't cheat, because I do believe that the point of these quests is to have fun in the first place. Just be patient and pay attention to every detail, examine everything, you will eventually find it.

  14. The spawn system you're working with is pretty tricky and less than ideal. If you're trying to decrease the overall amount of zombies during the day, it doesn't make much sense to have only 1 enemy to spawn with decreased delay between spawns anyway. Instead of that, try to increase the maxcount, but significantly increase spawndelay as well. As a result, you should get higher amount of zombies in one spawn, but overall they will take longer to respawn which will result in much lower amount of spawned zombies during day overall = much easier gameplay during the day, if that's what you're looking for.


    2 hours ago, PrimalCarnage said:

    I can't help but think that since your first line of code effects entitygroup="ZombiesAll" that it overwrites the entitygroup="ZombiesNight" as well.

    The line of code does not overwrite anything, it's just there to adjust the settings. ZombiesAll and ZombiesNight are just two separate entity groups that are defined there so that the game can pull random zombies from them at the time it decides which zombies to spawn.

  15. 14 minutes ago, convergent said:

    Search items.xml for "openbundle" and you will find an item class that can be opened in your inventory. You could extend this to your own bundle so that a single recipe yields any number of items. This is how the "starter pack" mods work.

    Not sure if it solves your problem but it offers some interesting possibilities 🤔 

    An excellent suggestion with just one minor drawback. Bundle itself cannot be eaten. ;)

  16. 42 minutes ago, xxx73 said:

    Ok nice, I did not know this, I thought to connection to perk archery was in items tags or CraftingSkillGroup setting, but I see some weapons/guns that dont use CraftingSkillGroup. Good to know I can add that in the recipe.

    Well, the item itself does have perkArchery among its tags as well, I just don't think that's really what governs the quality of the item when you craft it, I guess it's there because as a player, you also want to be able to handle the weapon better as you level up the skill that governs it, right? So that tag is in the item itself to make sure the player will handle the weapon better as they level up Archery. In general, working with these values is a lot of guess work and unfortunately, there isn't any real guide book which would explain all the connections, so your guess is as good as mine, it's all just a trial and error. I just know that if you create a new item based on the existing vanilla item, you can't really go wrong as long as you keep the predefined connections like in this case with perkArchery, so you will get some working results fast and you can always experiment with it further once the basic functionality is there and works as expected.

  17. 2 minutes ago, xxx73 said:

    Yeah I thought so also, but hey I used same code as iron crossbow, only changed name to test what happens, and still it did not work. So then I asked what else is different and I see that the recipe was crafted in different stations. I have no clue why this or how it is working, but Im done :D

    The more I try to understand the settings, the more confused I get :D

    If you're using a custom crafting workstation for this, you may want to replace that in the recipe too like so:

    <recipe name="gunBowT1IronCrossbow" count="1" craft_area="customCraftingWorkstation" tags="learnable,perkArchery">
        <ingredient name="gunBowT1WoodenBowParts" count="4"/>
        <ingredient name="resourceForgedIron" count="15"/>
        <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="3"/>
        <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="3"/>
        <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="20"/>
            <passive_effect name="CraftingIngredientCount" level="2,6" operation="perc_add" value=".5,2.5" tags="gunBowT1WoodenBowParts,resourceForgedIron,resourceDuctTape,resourceLeather,resourceWood"/>

    This is just the original code with only one change:



    In fact, you could just remove the whole craft_area to make it so that it would be craftable anywhere. Also, see the



    ? That's where it's connected with the perk Archery which will define the quality of the crafted weapon.

  18. That's still weird though. I mean, the quality of this particular weapon should be affected by perkArchery in progression.xml, that should work regardless of where you actually craft it. If you have perkArchery in the tags of this crossbow in items.xml as well as in the recipes.xml, it should let you craft a higher quality when you level up archery. If it doesn't, chances are that something else is broken.

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