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  1. Thanks for the heads up regarding the change on the latest build, and the quick update to your modlets. That'll make me consider other modlets I use.
  2. Thanks for that. I'll take a look at what you suggest. Sent you a small donation in reflection of the good work that you have shared with us. Thank you.
  3. Setting the ratios for the biomes would be most useful. Rather than paint in small area of circular craters of wasteland or splashes of burned forest you could then have distinct and defined biomes like a regular generated RWG map. What you can do is to create your own biomes.png file for the generated map and use the biome fixer if needed. The only consideration, perhaps, is that the created map can have areas like white mountain range type clusters which need to be for the snow biome.
  4. Thanks to you both for the reply on the colour codes. Also thanks for the suggestion to look at the prefablist , and how to double the chances of certain types to appear.
  5. @ Damocles What decides on the placements of POI's like Crack A Book, Pass N Gas Shotgun Messiah or Shamway Food etc...? Is there a settings to adjust the frequency or placement..? On one map I had a large building which had the lit signs for perhaps all of the above within the single structure (only seen that once). In my recent generated map I have two Pass N Gas almost next to each other. Can those be seen on the preview map, not sure about all the different colours...? Thanks
  6. With the modlet to increase the wilderness zombies does that include the number of them which can be found in house's.? Just started a new RWG game with that modlet, and the other one for hordes, loaded and the first house that I visited had quite a lot of them inside. Or is that decided differently.? Thanks
  7. Not sure when you added this to the tool..... https://imgur.com/3tlDuzw but increasing the wasteland and burned biomes is most appreciated, many thanks for doing that. Well done
  8. Wow, you are keeping busy.! It's a wonder that you have any time at all to actually play the game. It will be great to see those up and coming releases, more animals have to be great. Don't push yourself too hard tho.
  9. Yes a biome size option would be most useful. Also posting the one that you have made for vanilla would be great to see
  10. Only just figured out how to create a biome.png file. The game is pretty picky about the colours being exact. Thankfully there is a fixing tool within this mod which helps no end. https://imgur.com/BMqYDBd My first try for a 12k map, more of a proof of concept than one that I'll use. But at least I'm understanding how to adjust the biome file to change the default sizes and positions of the biomes. Thankfully paint.net will do this. Thanks for including the biome fixer tool
  11. @Damocles Excellent advice about using my own biomes.png file. As long as the size of the png file measures the size of the map, 8192x8192 for 8k, could I manually adjust that in something like photoshop to get the biome layout that I would like...? As long as the biome colours match I guess that should work...? Thanks again
  12. You are welcome, just trying to help I removed the latest 2.1.9 fully and then I have an old version which I installed. This time I decided to record the update procedure and it worked fine without issue. Perhaps the latest two incremental updates triggered what I wrote, but what I have just done seemed fine. When you next push an update I'll note how it behaves and if it repeats that problematic sequence I'll let you know. I wouldn't bother looking at this stage for an error which may not exist.
  13. ah, so it's a design choice to reduce the two biomes to almost nothing. As long as I understand that I can now reason as to why you do not allow percentage sizes for the four biomes. It just seems uneven to me to only have two and not four, they are part of the game. I understand why you do not like them but I would have a defined larger area of each that could be driven through and visited than a small blip of an burned or wasteland than only seems a few metres in size, just seems strange. I'm not thinking of taking up residence, altho some people actually do that...! Thanks
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