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  1. Hi Mod creator I'm having some real issues getting going with a fresh setup and no previous mods installed just the base 7D2D game. Error: Background: I am getting the same divide by Zero error as the above person. Steps to re-create: 1. Downloaded the 7D2D Mod launcher and installed. 2. Once installed I tried both options to 'copy from existing copy' and 'Download from Steam option' (no difference in either) 3. Pre-sync Darkness Falls from the mod window, wait for it to finish (also used delete complete between installs just in case it was a download issue) 4. Launch 7D2D through the mod window (Play Mod) 5. started a new game leaving everything default except 'Friends only' as the server visibility (including map as Navgene). 6. During loading get the error. 7. 7D2D eventually crashes out. attached is the logs and a screenshot of the error, let me know if you need any other info. log_7D2D_darkness_falls.txt Update the mod laucnhes fine on a different map (one of the pre-made ones) so it just seems like a navgame issue.
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