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  1. Thanks for working and maintaining this mod. It has changed the whole way I play the game and it added much needed creature variety that the core game (IMO) is missing at the moment. It definitely has led to more play time.
  2. Water is still pretty easy once you get enough glass bottles as there are plenty of water sources. The only thing that bugs me is what kind of townspeople leave glass bottles in their toilets? I would think there is water to be used in the toilet but you would have to have a container like an empty glass bottle or tin can that could then be boiled. But nope, filled bottles in the toilets .
  3. If it does turn out to be outside the scope here is hoping someone finds a way to mod it in. In regards to the HP of the conduit I would say it would be on the low end if I were to compare schedule 40/80 conduit with say a metal pipe (nothing like running electrical through a metal conductor!). I think having it routed this way and destructible would add to the game-play in that one would have to take that into consideration when dealing with zombie hoards. It would be interesting to suddenly have the spotlights and some blade traps go offline in the middle of a rush due to a smashed conduit; even funnier if it was due to friendly fire. I think it best that the break kills the power along the entire circuit otherwise players might be able to exploit the mechanic and protect an area with live wires. Well time to play. I spent most of the day working on demo'ing our bathroom. It is time to explore more of these cool structures the team built then rest and more bathroom demo tomorrow.
  4. As part of the development goals will electrical be expanded and plumbing added? Instead of wires hanging everywhere it would be nice to use all the pipes I get from dismantling to run electrical conduit. Installed using the wiring tool maybe? Similar for plumbing. Add a pump, tie it to a generator and run the same pipes to a location to move water to water fountains or something similar (not that there is a lack of getting water but more just for building). If it is outside the development goals maybe consider extending the wiring into XML for modders to make wiring aware items? And while I am asking may as well see about breaker panels for the conduit to connect to Having a lot of fun with the game though.
  5. city in center style map? First this is really nice. Thanks for doing this and making it fairly easy to link with CompoPack. I was wondering if it can generate a map where the city is in the middle with small POIs distributed in a radius around the central city? The idea is to have just enough resources on the outside and a nice big city to raid in the middle.
  6. tried with a new world with same test pattern and the problem did not occur. I was able to access the backpack slots and then loaded it with items and saved and it kept persistence after a restart. so far so good. Thanks!
  7. 187 slot backpack mod xp/skillpoint wierdness I am not sure if it is the mod or an interaction with other mods but testing so far seems to only occur with this mod installed. Usually from level 39-40 but has also started earlier. Everything is fine and then all of a sudden the next level gives 100's of points. once that has started everything i hit (grass for example) grants huge amounts of XP and suddenly i have 1000+ skill points. I removed 7 days from steam and %appdata% created a new world and player profile. Installed mods back and the compopack. I did not install the 187 slot backpack. No issues past 39 and leveling worked as expected. Logged out, copied 187slot backpack back in. XP Bar is empty even though prior to installing the mod i had granted XP just below 40 so the skill bar was almost full. I killed some zombies and it's raining XP and skill points I am running 18.2B5 but had the same problem on the previous version. All mods listed below updated as of yesterday. Mods Installed GrassCutter JaxTeller718{BirdsNestandTrashDestroy,WorkingMicrowave,WorkingStoves} StallionsDens{EverythingisSellable,ExtraRecipes,HomeBrewery,LootableObjects,Pallets,StoreShelves} Valmars{ArmoryWorkBench,DyeStation,WorkingOvensandSinks}
  8. thanks for the tips. i started messing with it and got the grid to 100 but the scaling is still small and the box shader and outline is too large. figured i would try again later and removed the mod since my wife started asking when i was going to start the server. turns out the resizing stayed with the mod gone. so i loaded another save to see and it was there too. i copied the xml files from my wifes pc but nope. its good and set. hehe. well, still you have a bunch of cool mods. i just got to figure how to scale the icons up enough while having a 10x10 storage grid. and then ill drop the queue grid to something smaller like 8-12. if you have time to provide more tips that would be great. what about the @scale and @stackpanel values? will those scale the entire set of changes? i could reduce the box count, keep the rest of the 'area' and then re scale the size of the boxes to fill back into the area without needing to worry about the other coordinates.
  9. Is there a way to get this 187 backpack mod to resize so some of us can read the contents? Or maybe resize it to 100? I tried various display setting changes but those did not seem to help. i was hoping it would be a quick fix but then i saw the XUi xml so hoping someone can point me in the direction of getting rid of the left backpack container and just increasing the size of the default container to another 25-50 slots?
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