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  1. Were there changes to RWG? I reused a seed to generate a fresh world but it’s different. Even the spawnpoints files are different.
  2. To TFP, For my first hoard night I built a 9x9 base using pillar-50s with a platform above. I wanted to do as much melee as was possible due to not having a lot of arrows (around 125) or a lot of ammo (~60 7.62). For melee I had a T2 iron spear, a T2 iron sledge, and a T1 reinforced club (all looted). All was going to plan, but then one of the zombies got through the pillars (did not break the pillars). I believe this to be a glitch possibly caused by 3 to 4 zombies trying to attack at the point that one zombie came through. Jut putting it out there in case anyone wants to try to repro it. I did have the same thing happen in a previous play through. Btw, love A18!
  3. I had a trader that only had 1 secret stash item — grandpa’s elixir for 40,000. Next restock it had a bunch of items.
  4. @MM Curious, what length of day do you usually play?
  5. Thanks. Since you mentioned it, I think I did see that in a video...possibly yours? Again, thanks.
  6. Since you mentioned it.... Day 6. I have 2 planter boxes. Found potato and corn seed. Works well. Once you harvest you can switch out seeds if needed. Any thoughts on making the farm plots...pickupable? They’re expensive to make, so being able to move them would be excellent! *************************************** (edit added comment by QA Tester-unholyjoe) use a shovel. that is how to harvest it . dont forget to remove seed or plant first. ***************************************
  7. I have a GTX970 also. I changed my mechanical drive for a good SSD which made a huge difference. Most of my 7DTD settings are on high and I get 60FPS consistently. I also chose a SSD that came with migration software.
  8. Better still....allow the player to open his/her inventory while running and then the player can individually toss items. Now you have items scattered over a distance with the threat of despawning and not having any map markers. Just imagine a player accidentally tosses his tier 6 AK-47 with all its mod slot filled. I’d pay extra to watch a YouTuber have that happen. 😎
  9. Just ordered one. And a coffee mug would be great, too.
  10. Why do you want a basket? The bicycle already comes with storage.
  11. Testing_trunk updated 5 minutes ago. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/
  12. Here’s the first one. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/?branch=testing_trunk
  13. Had three in less than 1 game day. One right before 2200, where they chased me out of my forge house base. 2 deaths. Then 2 more later in the day. BTW. The forge was not on. The campfire was. What fun!
  14. If the weapon has multiple choices for ammo, select one of the others.
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