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  1. I last played in February. When it was alpha 17 I played with the Ravenhearst that was used for alpha 17 (version 5?). With the version I was playing in Feb with alpha 18, I noticed some features weren't put back in yet. Like roads made you run faster, and some of the special zombies like the birds that breathed dynamite and the big spider like ones. I may not have played to the needed gamestage to get them, but I wasn't really noticing any of the big special zombies that are from your mod, other than like the woman zombie with the red skirt or other "low-key" zombies, the ones that are just mixed in with the regular zombies but nothing special about them. There were also no quests to kill 100 zombies to get the baseball bat, kill 100 zombies to get the sledgehammer (or whatever the numbers of required kills were), that progression through the blunt weapons so you could craft them. Are these gameplay features back in now? If not is there a list of things that were in alpha 17's ravenhearst but are no longer in alpha 18's ravenhearst?
  2. Probably not, the gravestones are probably considered POIs. But you can break the gravestones and they won't spawn anymore
  3. Look closer to the ground and it aligns where it should on the ground, not halfways up or back, in my experience.
  4. In true survival they had rabid chickens that would snarl exactly like how a dog snarls when it sees you, I think it would be funny if you add that snarl to the chicken in ravenhearst, after you attack it.
  5. I attacked a chicken and barely made it out alive.
  6. That's probably the name of the seed for random gen, entering a new seed will produce a new name. That was new in a17. Or I may be wrong? Break toilets and you will get pipes. I think washing machines give them as well, and stoves? I'm having Horrible luck finding a frickin Beaker, day 41 never had 1 drop yet. I've done airdrops, working stiffs, zombie lewts, random pois, I just cannot find anywhere!
  7. I did random world and am quite happy with it. It takes a long time to load the first time, probably 20 minutes or so, with the 16k size map.
  8. What perk allows you to craft coffee, goldenrod tea etc? No information on any of the perks.
  9. > Pain Killers sometimes don't add +40 instant, ate 3 in a row, no instant health, then ate 1 the next day, worked as intended, not sure how to replicate > Temperature (world temp not player temp) wonky, going up and down 20, 30, 40 degrees in a couple seconds walking between biomes (forest and desert) > Seems a lot higher chance of sickness and dysentery on canned foods, says 5% but I got it 4 out of 5 canned foods I ate > Descriptions need work, farming says add water to trenches but had to have JamsCB explain how to add water in this thread, insect trap says "Catching insects" but not where to put the trap, how long it lasts, how many it'll catch, and Weird Science looks too much like a poster, had no clue it started a quest chain, and doesn't give any indication of what that quest chain actually accomplishes, it says unlocks recipes for weird science but What Ones and What Do They Do? Thanks Edit: > 1st level of More Room let me craft seed box (which it says is level 2), but not storage chest like 5.4.8. Storage chest is not listed on any of the levels.
  10. Thank you so very much! That should be added in the Farming journal entry and off Living off the Land in the original post in this thread. I want to update to 5.5 and start over, but it's just syncing with 5.4.8 still. Is there a way to get it to 5.5? edit: oh, I just saw your edit. Thanks again!
  11. It says dig a trench and add water to it for farming. How do i add water to a trench? I googled this and got 1 youtube video of 7dtd from 2013 and 1 link to page 238 of this thread which contained no information. Is there a wiki that explains this that repels google for some reason?
  12. Hey, annoying noob question here - how do i upgrade blocks? I want to make flagstone blocks - how do i do this? It's not in the wiki, I don't see it in game notes, i can't find it in lets plays on youtube... Cobblestone makes mortar which makes flagstone upgrade which says it upgrades a base piece to the next stage it can be upgraded to. What is the base piece and how do i make it? Do I have to make a wood frame and upgrade it fully and then iron fully and then use the flagstone upgrade kit on that and a trowel to upgrade it to flagstone? Or can I start with flagstone or skip to flagstone somehow?
  13. Gather them so they are all following you Walk backwards around the airdrop box in a semi wide circle Beat the closest one's head with melee weapon until it falls down, repeat Keep going around the box backwards, not going outside 20m range so more don't spawn in Took me a few tries to figure out, was helluva surprise the first time it happened lol! To the mods: This is a great mod, keep up the great work!
  14. Great mod, but I think more in depth details are needed for items, like speed traps - wtf do these do? I tried 20 pages on google and finally found a video of a guy who happened to have them around his base during a horde night, so I think I know how they work now. If anyone walks over them they do stuff, right? No description on them whatsoever. Tungsten club, how do you craft it? I googled and somebody said it may be in an advanced workbench? What the succession of armors? Is it cloth<leather<iron<steel<tungsten<military? How do the zombies in this work overall? I'm level 119, playing 2 hour days, on day 39 - are zombies showing up based on level? First thing I noticed is there's a lot more wandering around - awesome! Fun Pimps really wrecked the game when they reduced the number of zombies wandering imo. Are there more sleepers? Are the sleepers that spawn more difficult than vanilla? Are there more zombies on horde night? Are there more in cities than in other biomes? Is there certain levels you have to be before certain zombies come out to play? I recently got a feral wandering horde, is there a certain level this starts happening, and will it start to happen more an more the higher level I get? Screamers seemed to take a while to start showing up (a nice change from the normal game where you get them the second you have a forge going more than 10 seconds), haven't seen a wight (old feral) zombie yet, are they in this mod? The gun mods I haven't really messed with (extended magazine, etc), but there's not much info on that, in game at least, haven't googled yet. There are so many new bullets, just wondering which are the best, what is the hierarchy? I haven't seen a single bandit it 80 hours, hundreds of survivors (and survivor backpacks where they died at the hand of somebody.) But no bandits anywhere. Thank you Very Much for the quieter gunshots, and they get quieter the further away you get, True Survival's system is really broken (and loud.) The AI for the survivors is wonky (getting stuck on railings and walls, shooting at zombies that are far away when there's one very close to them, shooting a zombie a few times and not finishing them off) but they get the job done. It took an hour or so for me to understand the class system, but I really like it now, although having a terribly hard time finding builder B and tradesman B schematics. Haven't had any show up on zombies or at the traders, but that totally could just be rng or my luck. Why is this called war of the walkers? Are zombies tougher overall? Is it called war of the walkers just because there's more walkers? What mechanics make this mod a "war" of "walkers"? How hard will it get at max level, or really high gamestages? Is there a ceiling? Or do they keep getting harder/more/more radioactive and ferals? I know vanilla does it but I was wondering what are the differences between this and vanilla in regard to difficulty and is yours more difficult at the end game? All you have is a list of features - a wiki that doesn't suck would be awesome, you have a lot of new content but not much info on some things. I know there's limited space in the text box windows to do descriptions, so a wiki is a must, and you won't get people like me asking dumb questions that you know the answer to because you made the mod but nobody else knows. Great job overall. I like this much better than true survival for 2 reasons - no spiders/scorpions and no nutrition system. But I think this would be a bit better with more randomized zombies like true survival. Just my opinion. Thanks for the fun times! Edit: I just tried out the speed traps. Pretty cool stuff. Edit2: I found a bandit in the wasteland and he/she really sucked, never missed and almost killed me lol. I also saw wights on day 42 horde night, but nowhere else before or since, not even on day 49 horde night.
  15. djskagnetti

    True Survival

    Thank you for your help, I will set it to 60, and follow obsidianmcbovril's advice. Great mod otherwise! I really love it!
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