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  1. I think the best approach would be that GS and moon nights sohuld be linked to your time in the server, so it would be every seven days (168hours timer) that you are in the server. In parties the timer would tend to do the average of members. This way everybody could have better hordes (seems not all of them are at the same time) and people wouldn'd skip them so easily (On purpose or not).
  2. Steam name: curciel Hours played: 985 Started on Alpha: 13 Discord name: netzah#1085 Native language: Spanish
  3. Ey "Pancarcho"! You have a post about the same 6 post above . P.D: Estoy jugando este mod por tu sugerencia .
  4. Thanks for the fast answer. For items like machete, besides learning the book, Do I need weapons workbench?
  5. Hi I'm trying this mod, seems fun ^_^. I made a Builders Forge but it does allow me to just make 5 things (basically to recover mats), is it intended? I made it without knowing to much about it. Bw, to update should I overwrite files?
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