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  1. 1 hour ago, bloodmoth13 said:

    It just needs a right click to do a regular slow power attack with holding it doing a throw.

    Dropping the spear at your feet isn't doing anyone any favors


    Like in the old playthroughs when Madmole would constantly drop weapons...jump out of gyrocopters etc ;)

  2. 34 minutes ago, Jost Amman said:

    This is a bit off-topic, but I'll throw it here anyway,,, in my current run I'm going perception and using a spear. I've noticed that when I charge the zeds, and thrust the spear into them while running,  It looks like I do more damage and/or get more easily a dismemberment. Maybe I'm imagining things, but does anyone know if there is any bonus applied to "running attacks" (that old perk from a few alphas ago called "Charging Bull" comes to my mind). Thanks

    Well with brawling and that one brawling book...I do charge and punch zombies for more "knockback" but it sure seems to pop a lot of heads when I run into them like that...dont know if its the perk from that book or not!

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  3. Just have to say , I always play 1 game since I started in Alpha 7...play it for certain amount of time and then stop till the next alpha...to keep from burning out before release...

    The time I spend in the game has steadily been increasing as the alphas advance...first I used to play up till day 38-42 or so , then by Alpha 16 was up to playing till day 92...


    Now with Alpha 20...I am playing 2 different games with different builds...one at home and one on my computer at my gf's house...


    Always playing the Fortitude , Punching everything to death as my main game of course! up to day 62(still no crucible but I have 3 beakers now! lol)


    Just started playing an Agility build at her house this week and up to day 21...using knives , the stealth and parkour perks...definitely interesting and plays different then punching everything and breaking out the M60 in emergencies

    Aside from minor hitching occasionally while looting etc , haven't had any serious issues and the only problem I came across was in my main game traveling the snow , was a POI path that was crossing thru a river and it was like Moses Parting the Red Sea and water was on both sides of the path , with the path dipping down and continuing right thru it...(don't have the screenshot on this PC)

  4. 5 hours ago, Aldranon said:


    Simple and common kings eat meat stew, but "Hobo Kings" go one step further for three Michelin Star dining!


    Is it made from real Hobo's?


    Just like in the original Fallout game...Wasteland...Hobo Dogs...they were in FACT...made with real Hobo's! ;)

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  5. Day 36 , just got together a mini bike woohoo lol...now If only I could find a damn Beaker!!! Since I have the mini bike now been checking all 5 traders I have up for a few days now and no luck...cleared out a few Popping Pills locations as well...as everything else...

  6. Just make the Traders quests they each offer stay the same all game day...So the 4 quests offered , you have to do them all or whichever ones you want...

    so you see that digging quest you usually avoid...well you are going to have to do it...See that restore power quest? yep...wait till later in the day and do that one...IF you want to keep questing in that same day...maybe provide a small bonus if you do all their tasks in a single day?

  7. Just be glad they didn't push for more "realism" and give us even more ammo calibers...



    "Ah F$%$! why did I loot more garbage .25 ammo!!!"

    "Ok , who needed the 20guage shells? we got a small pile of them in this storage box..."

    "COOL! I found this Smith and Wessen Model 500!"

    "Damnit...anyone...anyone at all find a S&W 500 magnum round? even one?"

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  8. 14 hours ago, Gazz said:


    So he's a trooper but the game was never made to be particularly child-friendly. The whole M rating and all, y'know?

    See kids do play...so there SHOULD be child zombies ;) 

    or like I have suggested in the past , just make them little people and not call the children and its a win win! Fast , low to the ground , hiding in bushes or trashcans...lol

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  9. 3 hours ago, Gazz said:


    Well, horse armor would be a good start. What do you mean we need horses, too?

    Who needs horses...we could just use that armor to ride trader jen across the wasteland...be like one of them Skyrim mods... ... ...

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  10. I am entirely against streamers and video game spectating...as I find that completely pointless and the equivalent of watching grass grow or paint dry on the interesting scale...


    BUT , I would much rather "streamers" actually PLAY THE DAMN GAME and review it , then BS game reviews and magazines...Have Never forgotten that Gamespot review on the original X-Com for PS1...29% - "A boring game about planet colonization..." yeah...arguably the best version of X-Com made and they didnt even play the game obviously...

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  11. I like playing a Strength build because punching @%$# to death is always amazing in any game!

    Fist build in Fallout 1 , 2 , Tactics , 3 , New Vegas , 76...and Elder Scrolls games...I just find it fun ;)




    I also agree that INT , should be a support stat for mods etc then it's own "build" and be an important secondary stat...because come on now , really smart people that are weak will be zombie food just as fast as really strong stupid people!

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  12. 2 hours ago, Guppycur said:

    Well because they haven't reached that point yet for his playthroughs... you've been around long enough, you know darned well he plays his own game.  Much to our amusement (bow drop anyone?).  I still think that one's my favorite, but where he had his turrent shoot his own car is a close second. 😃


    Didnt he also jump out of his gyro copter one time and end up dying? or was that just a strange and completely in character dream...

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