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  1. Have been doing missions from the traders to unlock all the traders in my game...I am based near the first trader it sent me to Bob... Then got a mission to find trader Joel , Then trader Jen...and last night while playing and finally doing enough missions to get there... It gave me a mission to find ANOTHER trader Jen... Is that normal? or a bug? seems odd and annoying that I might not have the other trader in my world
  2. lol you beat me to it...I bought one of those kits a few months ago and then another to keep here as well...they work flawlessly !
  3. I ALWAYS leave home without a shotgun and a club...just my iron knuckles now on day 23 and I destroy @%$#! love it... But yeah , out of all the new POI's I have explored this play thru , my favorite one so far is the "Boars and Corn" one...with that giant , green mutated pig in the underground below the place....that was a nice surprise and a real monster lol , it hurt me and took an absolute beating to take down!
  4. In the older awesome horror game Nocturn for the PC...there was an old western level with zombies and I bashed so many to death with a shovel! and it was mostly straight out bashing them in the head with it...great game that could have turned into an entire series but sadly never did...
  5. That reminds me of that movie with Robert Englund called Zombie Strippers...oh wait...
  6. Playing my new alpha19 game and so far really enjoying it Fortitude , fists punching everything to death and having no problems whatsoever staying alive while doing it... First horde night I took a few hits but punched them all to death , all good Day 11 , finally found a forge plan , so got that up and running! Day 12 found a chemistry station plan...still no workbench! Food is very tight , have eaten old sandwich's for the first time ever lol...no seed recipes and no farming ability yet....debating on spending a point or 3 in living off the land... Getting ready for my day 14 horde with much better gear and a Purple Leather First wrap with a few mods on it , have 2 skull crusher candies on hand and 3 Mega Crush! Should be a fun night
  7. As long as I can still punch the gas bags right in the $%#$%#^^ face and beat them to death its all good...doesn't matter if I have to wear special protection or not...
  8. Lol looks like N64 Goldeneye! I am glad my pc is the one I use to work on Unity with and is pretty beefy!
  9. Still to this day I have rarely ever used any guns in this game...I have and make tons of ammo and store weapons...just dont use them... BUT I will say , I do tend to break out a shotgun and use some ammo on horde nights day 40+ between punching everything to death! I do love punching things to death(finally!) Has always been my MO since Fallout 1+2 , Tactics , Elder Scrolls , Skyrim , FO76 and now here... So glad you put that in this game!
  10. You're the duke....A numba oooooooooooone! didnt end so well for the Duke of New York...
  11. Yeah JA2 is an amazing game...one guy that we had in our guild way back in the day in EQ , was one of the developers of that game... JA2 and VtM:Bloodlines are 2 of the games I go back to regularly over the years...
  12. Add a kick button like in Dead Island lol...just don't make it so super overpowered as it was in that game against zombies!
  13. T3 Nerd weapon would be a katana...over rated weapon that nerds have a hard on for...
  14. A drone is very much doable and far more believable then auto targeting turrets that only target and fire upon enemies being made from scratch! didnt see any of those people complaining about those...or the lava demons but were complaining about drones... Its a game...enough said , don't like it , don't use them
  15. or like the swarm of small , explosively charged drones with facial recognition...that the United States military is currently testing to eliminate specific targets...cheap , produced in massive quantities and effective...Drones are fun! Just keep a tennis racket on hand to swat them little @%$*#!s lol
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