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  1. A Skeletor with a note would be much better...
  2. Now we just need some Hitler ranting about A20 videos and the hype will be real...
  3. Looks like the trashed version of my end of the hall weapon room
  4. We should change the name of the Screamer officially into Karen... It just fits perfectly...
  5. Didnt he also jump out of his gyro copter one time and end up dying? or was that just a strange and completely in character dream...
  6. Would be like the Wheelers from Return to Oz movie...but zombified!
  7. Thankfully they are only in the New York version of 7 Days to Die...just be thankful we are in Arizona...between C.H.U.D. and Cuomo zombies...we would all be $%#ed!!!
  8. I lived in Las Vegas for 18 years and let me tell you...zombies are out there...from the run of the mill blue hair bingo zombies...to the cellphone zombies...to the downtown crack zombies and actual trolls! they live under the bridges...
  9. Just in...New A20 News!!! A20 will be released when its done...
  10. Give us a defoliation "bomb" that we can craft in the chemistry bench...that clears an area of grass and bushes! Yes yes...I know its a minor thing...but would give more use to the chemistry bench and help us lazy people clear all the grass around our areas...instead of running around and punching grass for hours and having tens of thousands of plant fibers! I really feel like we eventually should get a lot more recipes for chemistry...seems sort of lacking now!
  11. Stone age for "fire arms" would be an Atlatl and Slingshot!
  12. All the skeletons are in Madmole's closet...shhhh
  13. 7 Days to Die 2 : The Electric Boogaloo or an actual Pimp Simulation game... or A combination of the above 2! That is what I think the other project is!
  14. Yeah those look like some of the shells for my 42mm grenade launcher lol
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