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  1. Stone age for "fire arms" would be an Atlatl and Slingshot!
  2. All the skeletons are in Madmole's closet...shhhh
  3. 7 Days to Die 2 : The Electric Boogaloo or an actual Pimp Simulation game... or A combination of the above 2! That is what I think the other project is!
  4. Yeah those look like some of the shells for my 42mm grenade launcher lol
  5. Way better then the old everburning lava demons of yore... and of course it is pissed off! it has had its privates burned right off!
  6. No not any dog...A zombie dachshund , chihuahua , poodle , pug or pomeranian would just never be scary...funny yes , scary...no
  7. Having played EQ , AO , WoW , DAoC , LotRO and so many other games in beta and early release over the years...and every Elder Scrolls and Fallout game that Bugthesda is responsible for... This game has NOTHING on them lol...A7 was less buggy then all of the above for sure... People should feel lucky with this game and its extremely small , by comparison bug list...
  8. Yeah I would be all aboard getting rid of the trophies , knobs etc and just have scrap brass...pretty much the pointed stick , sharpened rocks And definitely would be for NEVER having exps pop up when you make a kill...
  9. Or do it how minecraft does it and the stair blocks auto-configurate into what should be in those situations? They figured it out , can not be that hard for the Fun Pimps
  10. one of the best lock picking mini games...was the old SSI D&D offshoot arcade style game Hillsfar made by the guys from Westwood Studios... Best fishing mini game...eh , none have been great in any of the MMORPG's and Minecrafts is just like WoW's...see the bobber move and hear the sound , click on it... I would definitely like to see more on unique and legendary loots and how that will work in this game...insert that Borderlands style have to keep killing and looting @%$# till you find that perfect tool , weapon , armor etc. I think will help wanting to play the same game even longer
  11. Fishing is a mini game that people always spend WAY to much time in just about every game it is put in...since Everquest , WoW , Final Fantasy , Minecraft Just sayin'
  12. I wish there was a drop All on death-your dead body is now reanimated with all your stuff option Hunt that thing down and kill it for your loot
  13. Yeah the old 6 D battery Mag Lights...I still have a few and back on the job ,had hit people with them...they work well
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