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  1. one of the best lock picking mini games...was the old SSI D&D offshoot arcade style game Hillsfar made by the guys from Westwood Studios...

    Best fishing mini game...eh , none have been great in any of the MMORPG's and Minecrafts is just like WoW's...see the bobber move and hear the sound , click on it...


    I would definitely like to see more on unique and legendary loots and how that will work in this game...insert that Borderlands style have to keep killing and looting @%$# till you find that perfect tool , weapon , armor etc. I think will help wanting to play the same game even longer

  2. A ranger outfit that looks like the old NCR ones from Fallout New Vegas? That would be cool 

    Any plans for weapon specific outfits aka Sniper , Martial Artists etc? or not going THAT specialized


    Also for people wanting a lawn mower...and sometimes I do myself...Why not have another use for the chemical station and make a 

    Defoliation bomb/grenade/spray? Would blow up a large area , BUT only effect plants and grasses? Doesn't seem like to big a stretch or

    strain on available resources unlike a mower!

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  3. @madmoleA quest chain from traders that involves turning back on power plants , water plants and other utilities and farms/factories...leading to the eventual build up of traders , their goods , their forts etc. Like a slight upgrade to available items etc as you progress in "restoring civilization"


    That would be a nice addition , that would at least give the illusion that you are working to making it better for the other survivors 

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  4. Have been doing missions from the traders to unlock all the traders in my game...I am based near the first trader it sent me to Bob...

    Then got a mission to find trader Joel , Then trader Jen...and last night while playing and finally doing enough missions to get there...

    It gave me a mission to find ANOTHER trader Jen...


    Is that normal? or a bug? seems odd and annoying that I might not have the other trader in my world

  5. I ALWAYS leave home without a shotgun and a club...just my iron knuckles now on day 23 and I destroy @%$#! love it...


    But yeah , out of all the new POI's I have explored this play thru , my favorite one so far is the "Boars and Corn" one...with that giant , green mutated pig in the underground below the place....that was a nice surprise and a real monster lol , it hurt me and took an absolute beating to take down! 

  6. In the older awesome horror game Nocturn for the PC...there was an old western level with zombies and I bashed so many to death with a shovel! 

    and it was mostly straight out bashing them in the head with it...great game that could have turned into an entire series but sadly never did...

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