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  1. Guess I didn’t get that yet, kinda find it funny lol
  2. Old “armless” taking flight lol
  3. sounds like that would be the issue, just that extra file would probably screw things up, no need to be embarrassed it’s an easy mistake to make
  4. try backing up your mods file in total, then start a new creative world (so you can just test things) and try adding them one at a time till you stop seeing new zombies, that way you dont risk your main save. if you really want guppy's start with that one and go from there
  5. I see them all the time, due to the amount of them I see more than I do the default ones, it could possibly be the over all amount you are using as guppy's add about 40 new zombies and if you have more than one or two that could do it. guppy should hopefully know more, but it may be you have to decide what ones you want more.
  6. its possible, I only know about the entity groups file from guppy's mod because I tweaked it so they spawned in POI's. its possible that another mod is over riding it having a higher priority and stopping guppy's from spawning. I dont know about zombie spawn probabilities and the entitygroups I sorted out only add more zombies to the default lists of what can spawn
  7. Thought you would be interested in seeing this @Guppycur its possible that there is a conflict with other mods that add new zombies, shouldn't need a new save tho
  8. Finally updated with all three zombie groups https://gitlab.com/lantian885/mod-files @Guppycur while testing the new Zombies I noticed that Doom tends to glitch a bit with a disappearing head
  9. I should have the entitygroups modified to add the third set on Monday will post a new link once it’s done and tested.
  10. i'm just testing the new groups
  11. I've only just finished adding the second set.
  12. off out for drinks (a lot of them) so I will look at updating the entity groups tomorrow. Can you let me know the harder zombies (ones with more health) so I can make sure they are not in the early game spawns and I'll need a list of the names
  13. no probs, wanted to make sure I didn't break your mod lol
  14. yeah it will need updating, was just a few uppercase characters that should have been lower case
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