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  1. Minecraft have "Baby Zombies" so.... there. This game have copied a LOT of features from Minecraft. Some of those features have been removed, some have been altered to not look so obvious. You get chickens, boars/pig, wolf in both games. Both games started off with Chickens and Pigs. 7dtd later changed it to boars. As to not be sooo obvious. 7dtd could have chosen another poultry that is native to the US as the game is set in the US. For example Turkeys. Would have worked even better. In RL you CAN use Turkey feather for fletching on an arrow, but chicken feather just isn't strong enough to last at all. Just saying. This game have taken "inspiration" from many other games. Like the Zombie dogs from Resident Evil. Nobody is holding it against them! Child Zombies would be the same. Could be real fun. And would add to the immersion of it all.
  2. I'm a mod maker and I do agree that if it wasn't for the modability and the continuous releases of new and updated mods, most people would have stopped playing this game years ago. In the server listing the only vanilla servers belong to those who for some reason want to remain "loyal" to TFP, or those who have no idea how make a modded server. A dedicated server without some basic support mods like Alloc's, and/or CSMM is very unstable with a LOT of memory leaks and crashes. I'm not saying that these isues are not there on modded, because they are but way less frequently.
  3. In some ways you are right but in some I do not agree with you. Yes I can select ALMOST any version of the game and go back to that I'm not an idiot. But if I make a mod for say A12 who on earth would download it and play it? Where is the fun in playing mods that I make just by myself? You see it really feels like as a Mod maker/content creator that Fun Pimps are now trying to stop people from making mods by messing things up in every new update. Fine, they change stuff, but then let the modding community know what they changed! But they don't! The changelog they publish hardly tells you anything as a Mod maker. Take A20.3 for example. This doesn't say ANYTHING as to what they fixed. It broke 2 of my modlets I had running on my public server that used some buffs from Twitch buffs. It resulted in a world wipe. Players were not happy. I wasn't happy. EDIT: So please when making helpful comments, see what I was replying to, and what that person was replying to and don't take things out of context and try to be helpful.
  4. Ummm not it doesn't even if the company does operate in the US. US Laws are for the US ONLY. They are NOT international laws. IF the ruling was made at the International Court of Brussels, then it would. Please don't give misinformation to people based on your feelings. I understand you are trying to be helpful, but wishing doesn't make it apply to all countries. 1 Ruling in 1 Country doesn't make it apply to the rest of the world. Take for example the law the EU made regarding memes and stuff. That applies to all EU countries but doesn't to UK, which is also in Europe but not in the EU. Also it don't apply to the US and Canada. I'm well aware of their and your good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions or so the saying goes. Do not think that I didn't look up laws and ruling that apply to my country regarding the warranty on my device.
  5. Wonder how you would feel like when there is something that you love gets turned into a piece of crap. Something that you have purchased multiple copies of because you wanted to support the makers of, even though you can't really afford it, sped over 5500 hours on it, spend over 2000 hours creating MODS for it, suddenly getting a change that totally undermines everything you did and loved about it. I bet you would just take it lying down, and say 'Harder daddy'. I have promoted this game for years. I myself own 6 copies because I wanted to support the Fun Pimps. I have recommended to more then a dozen of my friends this game and they ALL bought a copy. We all love(d) it because of the great modding ability this game offer(ed). Now, they are trying to destroy the modding community. Just put yourself in the shoes of a mod maker before you make dumb comments and try to look smug and 'superior'. Edit: I have been a member here since 2015 I have seen this game do @%$# changes one after another. This game used to be one of the best survival horde games out there. I have seen how the Survival aspect of the game is getting dumbed down with each update to satisfy snowflakes like yourself. By the time this game comes out of Alpha it will have nothing to do with survival anymore at this rate. It's like buying a car that you pay for full price up front they ship you a car, but they insist that you take it in for servicing regularly where they keep removing parts of it till all you got is a skidmark. So please you who joined only yesterday, don't try to tell us what's what. (Edited by Moderator: Personal attacks will not be tolerated)
  6. I don't live in the US. Not everyone does.
  7. Yeah, trouble with that is some people just can't do that. I use external SATA (eSATA) drive as secondary and Drive C:\ is a 128 GB inbuilt SSD. Swapping that means no more warranty on the quite expensive machine. (Quite expensive for my income. I know some people here could dish out that money easy and have a laugh but not all of us have such income)
  8. ...and the point of that is? No point what so ever. It will only further destabilize an already shaky game. Fill the drive C:\ even more for no good reason. Limiting your gaming experience because now you will not be able to have multiple instances each with it's own set of mods. Tying the hands of modmakers.
  9. There you done it! Officially messed the game up for a whole load of people! Moving the Mods folder was THE greatest lamest stupidest thing to do. You don't realize that MOST people don't have much space on drive C:\ . Especially for Modpacks that are 2-9 GB in size. Yes there ARE modpacks that are that huge. The other thing is, what now we have to go and mess about with the folders there every time we want to play a different modpack? You know, some of us are playing a different modpack every several hours a day or different one every other day of the week. So we had 1-2 Terrabyte space on secondary drives, but barely 15GB on drive c:\ and windows and stuff need 10+ GB free or it starts freaking out because Microsoft, so now you come along and mess with the delicate balance some of us have to juggle with. You know some of us had up to 8 different copies of the game on secondary drive each with a different set of Mods/Modpacks/Mods in the making and now all that going to be f-ed with. You do realize that MANY people buy your game because of the great Modding support it had till now and you just tossed the mother of all wrenches into those delicate clockwork? Also, the server searching thing you guys made sux. BIG time! This update first felt like a late April's Fool's joke. But then I realized you are not Blizzard... No, you guys are seriously think that this is something good.... THIS is the update that SHOULD NOT have been. I'm sure you'll see many many many many more comments like this... Some may be worded more nicely, some may not be worded as nicely. But there will be plenty more from loads of people.... I would hate to leave this game. I have nearly 5500 hours in this game. I have spent many many hours creating modlets for this game. I have genuine love for this game.... I would really hate to loose it because you felt like moving the Mods folder out of the game folder was a good idea..... You are cutting off support for mods....
  10. Wonder if you can do an upside down Planter... call it "Pothead" As tough as a rock as dumb as a brick! Oh wait that was Windows in the year2K. Windows CE ME and NT.
  11. How about a Rudolf? Stag with red (light) nose and santa hat or bag. (Too bad the drop bag is yellow and not red...) Lootable after kill.
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