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  1. Wonder if you can do an upside down Planter... call it "Pothead" As tough as a rock as dumb as a brick! Oh wait that was Windows in the year2K. Windows CE ME and NT.
  2. How about a Rudolf? Stag with red (light) nose and santa hat or bag. (Too bad the drop bag is yellow and not red...) Lootable after kill.
  3. Same here. I had it working fine in Animal tracking Rank 1, but then it's gone. Sometime rarely it comes back and sometime it keps blinking on off while I'm looking at an animal. I'll try to make recording for these and post here. Then this few minutes later.... then it was back to not showing....
  4. Fail to find more then 23 server if you "idle" for 90 seconds or more in the servers list, or if you refresh the list more then 5 times or if you get kicked from a server due to server rebooting. Closing the game will not solve it. You can't join ANY of the servers on the list, they will all "Connection Timed Out!" Restarting PC, Rebooting Modem/Router, Switching to another connection will NOT fix it. Not an issue with locality. Friends from UK, Turkey, Ukrain, Germany, Hungary, Italy all have this randomly happening to them. Often you have to wait 45 minutes - 2 hours before you are allo
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