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Suggestion: XML file for RWG


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I would like to suggest an RWG.XML file that could be implemented to fine tune RWG generation.

- option to turn on/off Long Country Road generation so we can get the A16 version of the roads back

- option to turn on/off Town billboard/signpost (suggested here)

- option to adjust radiation zone settings

- option to adjust RWG mapsize

- option to add/remove biome types to RWG (allow use to create All Desert/Snow/Forest/Wastland maps)

- option to toggle on/off each of the new POIs

- option to scale the size of towns/city generation

- option to scale the size of POIs

- option to allow RWG to build custom town contents/name

- option to scale mineral density in the ground

- option to set depth of bed rock/celling of sky


UPDATE: Can some of these things be done just by modifying the Data/Config/rwgmixer.xml ?

UPDATE2: Found XML.txt file that dose a lot of explaining. Thanks guys looks like most of this is already in place and documented under Data/Config/XML.txt. (this is awsome!!)

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