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Luvbeat's Modlets (questing/Skillpoints)


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I made a few modlets to add a skill point reward to tier 2 and higher trader quests for the small server I play on. I figured I'd share it here for anyone else who's been looking for something like this.


If you have a quest already make sure to finish or drop before adding this mod. Otherwise there is a chance that your character will go back to level 1.

Quest Skills

1 Skill Point for every tier 2 and higher Trader quest you do

Quick Start

10 Skill points for finishing the starter quest

Quest Skills+Quest Start

Combination of the two modlets


Bladetrap Modlets

Invincible Blade Trap

Blade trap doesn't take damage when it hits but uses 3x the power

Hardened Bladetrap

Bladetrap has twice the durability

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Wanted to say that the Quest Skills mod broke my game. Maybe not alone, but when combined with the other mods I had installed perhaps?


When I installed it in my Mods folder and launched the game, I died. I died each and every time I restarted the game, and stayed dead no matter how long I waited. My gf who also had it installed (and a matching Mods folder with me) wouldn't though. When I uninstalled your Quest Skills mod, I was able to instantly get the respawn menu up and start. But my level was now '1'. I quit the game, changed the Progression.xml so that I got extra skill points to make up for the tutorial's being gone, and then put it back and consoled myself back to full strength. Just fyi.

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I did already have the quests, yeah.


Sorry for the slow reply. It did feel like it was the game trying to protect me from myself or something. I'll remove the quests on a test save and try it again. It's no problem. My gf and I had a laugh about it. We were TPing my naked body around wondering if it was because I logged off underground for the first time or not. I got to give her crap for her "shooting gallery" anti-zed, bloodmoon bunker that she built WRONG. :D


EDIT: I took Bipolar Bear's advice and removed my quests before starting the save again, and it worked like a charm. Even turned in a buried quest to test it.

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So was I. I have a similar mod for this on Skyrim, so I knew I'd love it. I was sad to let it go but glad I didn't give up.


In the OP, I suggest you mention the part about your character dying and no respawn menu coming up. JIC someone has some troubleshooting issues. They may see becoming Level 1 as a "feature" and neglect to remove quests anyway before trying your mod. If they're like me and install several mods at once, it can make narrowing things down a pain.


Thanks again for the great work.

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