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BlueBeers Overpowered Weaponry and SAW


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This is more of a test than anything else.


Guns, crossbow, compound bow damage increased. A LOT.


SAW added.


I took the MR10, made it burst fire to start, 200 rd mag, extends to 300.

Dropped the recoil a bit.


In game mods you want to add: Bipod, Magazine, Silencer, Scope, Burst.


Burst fire seems to be best though. Full auto is amusing when they cluster.



update: MK48-B lootable, should be at the trader as well. Also included, xml to just the the machine gun, and not have the rest. Check the readme file.

Included the lines for the localization.txt


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1.2 update. Properly lootable, renamed, and should be in the traders now too.

yes, the pricing needs work. NO not gonna turn down the damage on the gun.

yes, included the file so can just have the gun, and not the rest overpowered.


There ARE consequences of using the really high powered guns for hunting.

Serious trigger control required.

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