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I love a17 !!!


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My wife and I started a A17 game together.


- The game feels smoother and less resource demanding.


- Zombie Ai is 10X better than it has ever been.


- Horde night is just simply terrifying now and difficult.


- Sleeper Zombies are properly working and are just plain out scary now.


- The perk system seems fun and exciting with LOTS of build options.


- Early, Mid, and Late game has been balanced dramatically to give a player more of a "Grind and Growth feel" by locking looting and perk technology behind player levels. No more just skipping half the content and getting to the big stuff.


- Temperature Hot/Cold seems amazing and less annoying to keep watch of.


- Illnesses , Buffs, and Mods !


- Editing Tools and world Editor? A cherry on top!


I could honestly go on and on. This feels like a real Game now and is simply scary and addicting as it should be. Thank you Pimps, this is amazing!

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