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RWG Trader Quest location Destuction


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I just so happened to be on my way to do a quest for a trader when I noticed that opps, day 7 horde night. I decided to have it at the location without starting the quest. The Zeds tore though it like paper but it was fine and I got the quest done.


The question I have however is? What happens if these locations are destroyed be players looking for loot, or by Zombies or animals during a random horde or horde night like this.


I know there are 4 choices of spawn quests and the map is large, but once the POI's are generated they cant be regenerated, and neither can the loot containers.


Is there something that will spawn a special loot bag for you to find the supplies to return for those quests? The clear the area ones are kinda easy cause sleepers can just be spawned.


Just wondering?

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As soon as you activate the rally marker the whole POI is completely restored to its vanilla state right before your eyes.

Makes for some good double-looting ;)


I do not know how players taking one such POI over with a claim comes into play here... Anyone tested that yet?

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