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I feel some of the stats/perks need a overhaul. Also about stats on weapons/Fud/Water


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Alright as stats go Str and int are fine, but Fort, Perception and Agility need a secondary thing they effect like Str and int has.


Perception could give a headshot dmg bonus.


Fortitude, hmm, maybe dmg taken reduction?


Agi: 0.5 stam regen/s per point with the 10th and final point adding +1 (for +5/s total at 10 agi)


In perception, I find most of the gun specific perks pointless. They need more to make them more attractive. Maybe add entity damage to them? Archery as well. As it is now, guns to me feel fairly weak and just acc+reload speed is not attractive enough for me to bother spending points in it. Not when I can use a bandolier and run n gun perk to fix the reload issues. Even more so if 2 bandoliers can stack 1 on body 1 on legs.


Agility Perks, I feel the stealth damage one should be moved to perception. As your mainly going to be using ranged weapons to take advantage of that, as most zombies will hear you when you do a power attack due to the grunts your chars do.


As for the stats on weapons, it would be nice if the values on the weapons/foods/water would scale to shwo the effects of your skills on them. So if I have 4 in str, lv 2 in miner 49'er, and a sledgehammer, the sledgehammer should say insted of 150 power atk block damage it should be showing 217, factoring in the stats that buff that. Same for food and water. Just a thing id like so its easier to see the effects perks/stats have on items.

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