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A17 crash bug -A workaround


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I have 5 friends who play 7d2d.

We all recently installed A17 and wouldnt you know it?

2 of us crash upon loading or shrtly thereafter with weird mouse bugs.


Well, after an hour of troubleshooting, we have found a workaround solution to this problem.


This bug occurs regardless of hardware specs:


#1: Your hardware -doesnt matter.

My friend has an OC 5300 32GB ram, 1080TI all overclocked manually.

His hardware could run a viper if you put it in a car. xD


#2:Reduce the following settings:


Grass distance: Near

Water Particles: 50%

Water Quality: Low

Shadow Distance:Near or off

Shadow Quality: Low


#3: Enjoy, your problems are fixed.


#4:If your problems are still not fixed, youll need to run the 7d2d launcher from steam client and make your game from 64bit to 32bit. (This will, in effect lower all GFX settings to as low as possible)


Hope this helps everyone! Enjoy the A17 fun!


(Side note; we BOTH only get 30-40FPS with ANY settings. However, these are CONFIRMED stable settings for A17. If the setting is not mentioned above, it doesnt affect this bug.)

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While troubleshooting this bug we found out that joining any game of 7d2d via steam friends list will replicate this bug at about 70% effiency.

The other 30% is the bug working for about an hour and then crashing again.


If you tried above steps and are still having the issue, join via the 7d2d "join a game" option and NOT via a steam friends list invite/join open game.

Steams friend list is causing crashes and mouse movement problems.

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