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Zombies need their detection abilites to be lowered. Other issues.


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I generaly am enjoying a17e but there are a few things that I really dislike.


Yeah, I don't know about you all, but I find it silly that zombies can hear me on like the 3rd floor of a poi from outside it, or from say 40-50 blocks underground when all I am doing is just walking around. I rarely fight the 7 day hordes in 7dtd because its just a waste of resources, even more so in a17 with the virtually non existant loot. I've had zombies somehow find me from 100 blocks away outside while I was crouched on a second floor of a poi, all because I stepped on a piece of garbage that made a noise.


Next is the encunbrance system, I'm sorry but I really hate the idea that stuff in my inventory can slow me down, it just makes everything feel like a crawl. Remove the skill and just let us have the full 45 slot inventory, or at least drastically lower the movement speed penalty.


Guns are just too weak, sorry but a ak47 that uses the 2nd most expensive ammo to make in the game shouldn't be hitting for barely more than a wooden bow with stone arrows. All the guns in general feel very underpowered to me. A gun should be a direct upgrade to any bow/crossbow, The fact a pistol has the same dmg per shot as a wooden bow with stone arrows is pretty sad, and extremly poor balance. The pistol and smg are bascally not even worth using anymore, due to the poor damage per shot and the expensive ammo it uses. The shotgun has been a joke since alpha 14 or so, and still is pretty weak now, with the exception of shotgun slugs, those hit as hard as it should. The marksman/hunting rifle, meh, damage is kinda too low imo for the cost of the ammo, but these only need a small adjustment. The worst gun though has to be the ak47 2nd most expensive ammo, and it barely hits harder than a pistol, it actually hits for less or the same as a wooden bow with iron arrows I think.


Yes yes, I know about mods, but with how rare they seem to be, and the fact most weapons don't even have enough of them to fill all the slots yet either due to low drop rates, or the fact most of the mod schematics are bugged and can't be crafted. I am just going to assume a17e had a very quick 2 second balance pass, and that it'll change greatly in the future.

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