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Idea for perk/Buff: Lactic acid


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The idea:

You can buy a perk that allows you to get a temporary boost to your stamina, but the more stamina you regenerate using this method, the higher the chance to get negative debuffs. A real world example of this would be the buildup of lactic acid. When humans get low blood oxygen, their muscle cells can switch from the regular oxygen-using(aerobic) energy-making reactions, to ones that don't need oxygen(anaerobic). In game, the player's stamina would regenerate at an increased rate when it got low(because less oxygen is being used), but the hunger meter would decay at about 5x faster(don't remember the numbers but anaerobic respiration is a lot less efficient breaking down glucose) and you'd get a "lactic acid" debuff lasting around a day(lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic respiration that is fairly difficult to get rid of and which interferes with muscle function.). I don't know what the debuff should do, but maybe it should reduce strength. It's important that this be buyable as opposed to automatically in place, because, at least judging from the twitch streamers, there are a lot of people who don't pay attention to their stamina and would constantly run it down without understanding the consequences, and then complain about the debuffs.

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