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What about about of Animal Farming


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I love that games but for me to be more interesting i think that games needs more survival content like famring chicken pigs, goat,cow i would love to see dogs as a pet and generally items for a home that you crate.. i d' love to see more new things in future updates and the game to be more fun and no boring!!!

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TFP talked about taming, animal husbandry (livestock), and live trapping long ago. Like many of the things they talked about (taming), showed concepts of (saddle bags for wolves and bears), and even showed proof of concepts of (ziplines), these things likely won't make it into 7DTD.


But, luckily, due to fantastic marketing through streamers, they'll have enough leftover cash to develop a sequel, so you can buy the game with all the things you want, 10 years from now.

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I don't know what will be in A18, but supposedly it will be the last alpha, at which point they will only be fixing bugs.


The list of things they talked about adding, showed concepts of, and even added temporarily into the game, but ultimately became non-features (or allegedly postponed), is quite long. I've been around since A8.6, so I've seen a lot of what they talked about, I've been involved in a lot of the conversations, and I've seen both dreams become features, and features become dreams. I won't pretend to know everything about the game, but I have also done some modding, so I have some insight that others may not.


List of [temporarily] abandoned (or postponed) features (not a complete list):

-bathing (and soap)


-animal taming

-animal husbandry


-NPCs (that you can actually rescue and protect)

-radiated hot zones you can enter for better loot but that require hazmat suits to enter


-crafting larger backpacks (new system is supposedly a step in this direction)


-spreading fire

-smell (possibly gone for good)

-gore blocks (likely gone for good)

-breadcrumb system for pathing (new AI may be better anyway)


Some of these features may be added to a sequel (7 Days to Die 2?), or never become functional features at all for a TFP product. Time will tell. Hope you're patient.

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