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  1. Hardware Discussion - Capture / Streaming Cards I was going to put this thread in off topic, but I think all things considered, this is likely the better place to put it since the majority of posters here actually stream or capture video, and as such would have more experience and insight into recommendations and such. Perhaps the forum needs a hardware section. Anyway, I was wondering if any of the content creators out there have any experience with streaming / capture / recording cards, specifically for streaming console to Twitch or youTube. I was looking at the Elgato and Hauppage
  2. Hitfilm Express is the free version. If you got the Pro version demo, then yes, you'll have limitations. Just get Express. It allows exporting, including direct upload to youTube, though you're likely better off exporting to a file and checking it to make sure everything is good. Then upload via youTube's upload page. I would guess the demo is just to show people what the difference is, or "what you're missing" - Express is plenty powerful and leaps and bounds ahead of Windows Movie Maker, which is what I tried at first. Layers are so much better.
  3. Thread in Content Creators Sub-forum: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?62775-Lazerblade-s-youTube-Channel My channel: https://www.youtube.com/lazerblade01 First video using WotW mod - streamed 05/28/2017:
  4. Pics of your resource prefabs? I'm actually doing a video series of this mod, with Tin's LMW mod merged in, on my youTube channel. You could, you know, subscribe or something...
  5. Roland, and anyone else who wishes to give Hitfilm Express (FREE video editing software - they also have a professional paid version) a go, here's a link to my playlist of tutorials. I need to make more, but these will get you started. Also, there's a trick to make video editing much easier, I think in the 3rd video I point it out.
  6. For anyone interested, here's the link. I've had 2 requests for this via PM, so I'm sure others might be curious. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxKArRwU9Q93c2VDZTRJN0RBSGs Unzip to Data folder inside 7DTD folder. 2 folders inside - prefabs (Guppy's resource nodes) and modified XML files (biomes, blocks, rwgmixer). Full instructions: 1. Install WotW mod per instructions in the first post in this thread. 2. Unzip my file in Data folder AFTER WotW is installed. 3. Don't expect miracles, but you should see some fps gains. 4. Never live underground again. (world is only 12 blocks d
  7. OBS is to record with. You can stream directly to youTube if you wish, but most people who watch streams do so for 1 of two reasons - background noise or social interaction. If you want higher quality video, your best bet is to record rather than stream, especially if you plan to do any editing. youTube allows direct uploading right from their website, so you don't need an "uploader", per se, though I wouldn't recommend using Internet Explorer to upload with. Not sure what you use for editing, but I have tutorials on how to edit using Hitfilm Express, and it's another free program. Not t
  8. OK, so after some serious file editing, using Tin's enhanced RWG mod (Limited Mining), I was able to significantly improve my framerate in this mod. Here's the link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?62453-Limited-Mining-World-Experiment&p=638800&viewfull=1#post638800
  9. Just out of curiosity - I've been playing this mod a bit lately and loving it, but it runs like a hobbled pig at times. Sometimes, I can host a P2P game and still play fine. Other times, framerate drops below 10. Anything I can do on my end to significantly improve framerate? I mean other than the usual turning down settings until the game looks like a PS1 title that is. I have 16GB DDR3, a GTX 1070, and a 4.2gHz quad-core CPU, and in vanilla 7DTD I rarely drop below 30fps when I'm far from origin or when a chunk is particularly "terraformed" - I usually keep a steady 60fps with vsync on. I
  10. One thing that may help with the PvP grief - at least in regards to spawning in and spawn camping and such, is to maybe provide the option to spawn anywhere on the map as a selection, prior to loading into the map. Sort of like the spawn on bedroll / spawn near bedroll option, except you can manually spawn (some of the server managers allow teleporting, so it wouldn't be hard to implement). Something else that may help with being robbed and homeless is to beef up the LCB in a minimal radius - like 3 blocks - where nobody can enter that radius except the LCB owner. It could allow for a bedro
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